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Donald tRump and the McDonaldsification of the American political system…

I finally figured out what the tRump presidency reminds me of. He runs the country like the food franchise we all know and… loath/love. Here are a few things they have in common: They do create jobs. Low-paying jobs that … Continue reading

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Dear climate change deniers, here is why seeing snow in the winter doesn’t mean global warming is a hoax… a very simple explanation…

Okay, try to follow along with this. Putting pollution in our air is like putting fast food in your body. One cheeseburger with bacon will not kill you. Neither will one deep-fried Twinkie. But, if you eat enough bad food … Continue reading

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Some thoughts…

Saying climate change is a hoax because you saw snow is like saying that forest fires don’t exist because it rained where you live. Using a cell phone that is invisibly attached to satellites in space to talk about how … Continue reading

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Things your ancestors will wonder about you, if you are a Trump supporter…

“Why did great-great-great-great Grandpa Cleetus Joe Billy-Bob let the bad man be in charge, Mommy?”, the little ones will wonder, “the bad man who pulled out of the talks to save our planet, and deregulated the corporations and thereby sped … Continue reading

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This country is tearing itself apart…

Which side do you stand for… human decency, caring, sharing, trying, hoping, helping the poor, weak and sick, making our planet safe to live on, fighting against racism and bigotry, working towards the equal treatment of women… Or… You know… … Continue reading

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Upon reflection… (because ‘wet dreams’ would just be tacky) part 59 …

Okay, the Matterhorn reflecting in water is beautiful… but it is also a fairly poignant reminder of global climate change.

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Take your stinkin’ paws off me, you damn, dirty, orange orangutan!

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