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Times Square and then some…

I know it doesn’t look like Times Square in New York City… or, then again… it actually looks a lot like I remember it, but I was drunk, remember? It might be the digital effects I used on the photo … Continue reading

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Look, I know this is shameless, but I need your help…

I need you to go to my Pouring My Art Out podcast on Spotify and/or Apple podcasts or wherever, and give me a good review. Type in some nice words. Words like; brilliant, funny, hilarious, charming, witty, whatever. I honestly … Continue reading

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Why you should really listen to my podcast…

I now have 4 episodes of the podcast on air, and if you think this blog is a freak show, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve heard the podcast. Yeah, I talk about art, and about myself, but there is … Continue reading

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The Podcast… part 1… my first official tie-in between this blog and my new Pouring My Art Out podcast!!!

This is the official studio for my podcast, and all the equipment I need to make the magic happen. The dog and cat are optional, the coffee isn’t. This is here because these two completely different art forms are going … Continue reading

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Episode two of the Pouring My Art Out Podcast should be popping up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts soon…

I am not going to share the link here, because I want you to see if you can find me, so I know it is all working. Thanks.

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I have a podcast… live on Spotify!!!

I did it, with a little tech support and a Christmas microphone from my kids. Now you can hear me acting like an idiot instead of just reading about it.

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The first episode of the new podcast is almost done…

Stay tuned for more details!

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