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Thou shalt not…

tRump is really showing up the hypocrisy of the religious fundamentalists. They are completely willing to overlook his philandering, not to mention all the other top ten rules he likes to break. As long as he says he believes in … Continue reading

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The sad thing is that right now, there are millions of people out there who think tRump is doing a great job…

Most of them probably aren’t racists… although I bet more of them are than are willing to admit to it. Most of them aren’t actually morons… although, really, is a moron smart enough to know that they are a moron? … Continue reading

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Let’s have a caption writing contest for this lovely photo of tRump’s sons…

So far, this is what I have come up with: The deadwood doesn’t fall far from the tree. Obviously, Trumps’ sperm is of the same caliber as his cabinet officials. If Beevis and Butthead had been born to money. The … Continue reading

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Trump makes good on his promise to drain the ‘swamp’… so that he can fill it with his own, special turds…

Yeah, he drained the swamp. He got rid of a lot of basically talented people who at least knew their jobs. Obviously, they didn’t live up to his high standards… for corruption. Then, as people began to complain about the … Continue reading

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Trump keeps complaining that Obama didn’t do enough to stop the Russian meddling… that helped get Trump elected…

Is it just me, or is this a little like some burglar breaking into a house and stealing a bunch of stuff, and then, when he is being investigated, complaining to the police that the homeowner didn’t do enough to … Continue reading

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Badges! We don’t got to show you no stinkin’ badges!

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There is no way Trump could have picked so many evil, corrupt people to work with him just by accident or coincidence…

So think about it. Either he is purposefully picking evil, corrupt people in order to achieve evil, corrupt goals, or he is trying to damage the United States. There is no other explanation.

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