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Celebrity spotting at Comic Con… part 1…

Yes, I know that isn’t a real celebrity. But I actually saw Andy Serkis, the guy who played Gollum… and is in the new Planet Of The Apes movies. He walked five feet in front of me. I didn’t even … Continue reading

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Comic Con… the very last post… before I start bragging about all the famous people I saw…

Let’s do this… before my blog breaks again… that up there still cracks me up. Barbarians always have a hard time getting past security… just ask Conan the Barbarian. This is blatant discrimination! Yay! They made it in! Don’t let … Continue reading

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This is a test of the emergency blogging system… if this is an actual emergency… and my blog is broken, and I can’t do posts anymore… only the title of posts… I am going to totally freak out…

Did it work? Did it post? Can you see the picture of me?

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Well, my blog seems to be broken… so… yeah…

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Comic Con… how to train your dragon…

No, that isn’t someone in a costume, that is a life-sized dragon… that you could sit on and have your picture taken… And then this guy climbed on, while I was taking pictures of the dragon… And I have to … Continue reading

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Comic Con… awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

That was by far the cutest person I saw in a costume that day. It was a family affair… sort of… I mean, mom seemed to be opting out of the whole costume thing… But I met a cute baby, … Continue reading

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Alexander Hamilton… my name is Alexander Hamilton…

Well no, my name isn’t Alexander Hamilton. It’s a line from one of the songs of the play. I know I have been talking about the play for a while, and now it all comes down to this… one post… … Continue reading

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Hamilton was awesome!!!

But I am really tired… and a little drunk… so I will share that adventure tomorrow.

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Yes, it’s another post of random photos of Comic Con… Yay!

Ummmm…??? Okay, now it makes sense. He had to have a volunteer walking ahead of him. That is a cool costume. Stream-punk coffin backpack… with umbrella… and candles? I didn’t buy a single souvenir… not even a T-shirt or hat… … Continue reading

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It’s Hamilton day!!!… and no, I have no idea what the picture has to do with it either…

But I had to put something in there.

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