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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… it’s scary… how handsome that pumpkin is…

Seriously… I am so going to carve a tiki of my face just like that some day. Now stop reading this post. Read that post… the one down there… that one I posted earlier. The one that has the big … Continue reading

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HELP!!! I have gotten myself in way over my head… again…

I signed up to do this thing… this ‘Funny Blog Friday’ thing… I am supposed to join a bunch of funny bloggers… and then be as funny as they are… when we all post funny blogs at the same time… … Continue reading

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Self-actualizing Islamic fundamentalist terrorists… are you f*&$%#@ s%@#**&%* me???

Seriously? You can’t get most people to vote because they are too lazy and indifferent, but you can get people to read some articles and watch some YouTube videos, and they suddenly have the time and energy to convert to … Continue reading

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Two more reasons that my younger daughter amazes me…

She went to a Halloween party and wore my old Grateful Dead hat the one that I decorated myself. I used to wear that hat to some cool shows back in the day. She also wore her mom’s tie dye … Continue reading

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Here is an old post that might blow your mind… if you are new and have not yet figured out that I am an all-art-side-of-the-brain freak of nature who does hundreds of kinds of art… but has no real life skills…

I did this post when I was still new at this blogging thing, and I was… as I still am… a computer moron… which means that the pictures in this post, which are painted on t-shirts and then scanned, are … Continue reading

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To boldly go where no crack squirrel has gone before…

Okay… a quick piece of advice… never fart in a space suit… And speaking of space suits… have you read any of my action/adventure/humor science fiction novels yet? Did you know that by the end of book number two of … Continue reading

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Here is your chance to prove that you actually exist… and we can all learn something about WordPress and their mysterious statistics… and all you have to do is type two little letters into the comment box on this post…

So according to the magical stats page overseen by our friends at WordPress, I now have just over 2,500 followers. But are all of you real people? I want you all to type the word ‘hi’ into the comment section of … Continue reading

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Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, let me tell you…

I hate these fake questions. This is like the chicken and the egg question, which I answered here on my blog, thank you… but this is even worse. It implies that one chicken crossed one road for some very specific … Continue reading

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You can still submit art to my art contest if you want to…

The contest is still going on. And the best thing about this art contest is that you don’t really need to be an artist. It is a little like rap music… you don’t actually have to be able to sing to … Continue reading

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Please join the global war against stupidity…

Stupidity… an enemy that we can all agree has to be stopped! I mean, seriously, even if you are stupid, you do agree that stupidity should be eliminated, right? Nobody could be stupid enough to disagree with that statement, could … Continue reading

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