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Holy f*****g s***t, do not ever use a microscope to look at yourself too closely!!!

Oh, don’t panic. That isn’t even the gross part. That is just my puckered lips. This, despite the title of this particular post, is still a family-friendly blog. But if you ever do get one of those digital microscopes that … Continue reading

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Dear climate change deniers, here is why seeing snow in the winter doesn’t mean global warming is a hoax… a very simple explanation…

Okay, try to follow along with this. Putting pollution in our air is like putting fast food in your body. One cheeseburger with bacon will not kill you. Neither will one deep-fried Twinkie. But, if you eat enough bad food … Continue reading

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So, yeah, we saw Willie!

Look at our godson, in his little Viking helmet knit cap! His mom brought him over from San Francisco, and we all went to the science museum. He showed me one of his favorite Christmas presents… yup… a rubber poo… … Continue reading

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Adaptive camouflage… part 1…

Yes… my prototype suit is working well… except for that annoying flickering… taking me one step closer to world domination!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!

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Messin’ with Trump’s head… part 1…

I think we would be performing a valuable scientific experiment if we tested the limits of Trump’s cranial limberness… just sayin’…

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You know, it might just turn out that religion and science are not mutually exclusive…

But if you are one of those people who believe that science is just a superstition and that religious writings from¬†centuries ago¬†hold all the answers to everything we need to know… well… I hope this picture didn’t make your head … Continue reading

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Oh for cryin’ out loud… stop whining about the snow… nobody made you live where you have to dig your car out from under a mountain of frozen water…

Seriously, we here in San Diego have our own winter-related problems. It has been uncomfortably hot, for one thing. I almost had to turn the air conditioner on yesterday. And not a fun hot. No, the dry Santa Ana winds … Continue reading

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