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Me… as 2020…

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Dogs, clouds and a very Christmasy poop!!!

Wave clouds. Dogs waiting to bark at the mailman. Okay, I am really just clearing the photos from this week off my phone. She has her blanky, a pillow, and the remote control for the tv… life is good. I … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2020, you big, steaming pile of tRump!!!

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A Recycled Christmas… part 5…

It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means… the monkeys from my self-illustrated children’s book—> available over there, in my sidebar—> are getting into the spiked eggnog again. *(NOTE… the monkeys in the actual book do not get drunk… … Continue reading

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This Christmas is just so 2020… (or); How Thanksgiving and tRump ruined Christmas…

So, a special “Happy Holidays” to the people who just couldn’t socially distance at Thanksgiving, and who supported… and still support… tRump and his abysmal non-handling and denial of the pandemic. Oh, I’m sure your holidays will be fine. No … Continue reading

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It is that magic time of the year when I start reposting all my favorite Christmas posts… yay!!!

I was going to do a scathing rewrite of this creepy Christmas song, to try, in a funny way, to highlight just how creepy it really is… but when I Googled the words, I realized that I didn’t need to bother. … Continue reading

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An open letter to anti-maskers… (or); Maybe it would help if you think of masks as pants…

Dear anti-maskers, I do not know where you got this idea that making you wear something somehow takes away your basic freedoms. We make you wear pants. We, collectively, as a society, decided that you need to wear pants when … Continue reading

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Out of kilter filter… part 6… more fun with digital filters…

Neon roses… Color pencil roses… Painted roses… Roses as art… Art as roses… Star roses… Roses in poses, I supposes… Roses woven into the fabric of life… Glittering roses… Trippin’ trippy roses… Just roses I took a photo of in … Continue reading

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Out of kilter filter… part 5… more fun with digital filters…

Okay, good luck guessing what the original image that I used some digital magic filters on actually was… That could be anything. There are patterns, but of what? Flames consuming a mystery… Smokey shapes seen dimly… Yup, it was a … Continue reading

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Out of kilter filter… part 4… more fun with digital filters…

I won’t deny that this is just a photo I took in my mom’s back garden, when I went up and visited her recently in the Bay Area. Yes, I used my misting spray bottle to enhance the photo… but … Continue reading

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