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Never let anyone tell you what to do… uh… except for me… telling you this…

Ha! See what I did there?

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Here is a post I did way back when I was just starting out… and I sort of can’t believe that I did it…

It was called: Oh yeah, Baby… ************************ If you love me, go down. Come on, don’t be shy. That’s it. That feels good. Scroll down a little more. Read all my words. There are no secrets between us. We can … Continue reading

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I think we should think about thinking…

I like to think about stuff. I mean, I’m not saying I am particularly good at it, but I like to do it now and then anyway. Today, I was thinking, and that got me thinking… it got me thinking … Continue reading

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Dear Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, I have some good news, and I have some bad news…

It turns out that yes, it’s true, there are 72 virgins waiting for you in paradise if you martyr yourself. The bad news is that they all got to paradise by being blown up or shot… by other Islamic fundamentalist … Continue reading

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I don’t mean to be a name dropper… but I know some pretty famous people…

People you would recognize… you know… if I was actually tacky enough to come right out and mention them… But even I am not that shameless. Celebrities deserve their private lives. And who am I to intrude on that?

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The sun goes down… and then it comes back up again… or is it the other way around?

So here are some random pictures I took just this week of a sunset and a sunrise… I should make you try to guess which one is which. I will give you a hint: the first few pictures are of one, … Continue reading

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A sunset, a dog, and a picture of my big, old head that really shows how pretty my eyes are…

After our dinner with the sharks and our walk around that fancy resort, we took the dog to her favorite dog beach… just in time to watch the sun set… San Diego does have nice sunsets. It is partly because … Continue reading

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