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The strange case of the multiplying balloons…

I was at work the other day, doing my sacred, sworn duty as a security guard, keeping the rich people who live in an exclusive community safe from any interaction with normal people who weren’t being paid to be there, … Continue reading

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tRump being led from the White House in handcuffs… would be the best episode of Cops ever!!!

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A closer look… part 12…

I decided to do a few more versions of this photo I took, the close up of a small succulent plant… Once again, I am just using that free online program called: The animation at the top is called: … Continue reading

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Does tRump know anybody who isn’t shady, immoral, or an out and out criminal???

I have been trying to wrap my head around the latest developments in the many investigations involving tRump and the people who surround him like sad little moons pulled into the orbit of a gaseous giant pseudo-star. I think, in … Continue reading

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A closer look… part 11… Special ‘famous artist’ edition…

Is that a small fragment of a famous painting by Vangogh? Sort of. That is what happened when I took this image… Which is a macro close up photo I took of some small succulent plants, and used an artistic … Continue reading

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The true hypocrisy of the republican party…

Just the fact that religious zealots who always talk about family values and the sanctity of marriage… you know… like that Pence guy… are still standing behind tRump, pretty much says it all. I guess, as long as the ‘president’ … Continue reading

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A sunset and a giant ghost spider…

That is a sunset, as seen from where I spend most of my evenings, guarding a gate at an exclusive private community. When I am not busy taking calls and letting cars in, I have two giant video monitor screens … Continue reading

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