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The most astounding sunset I ever saw… and I have seen a lot of sunsets, I mean, I do posts about them all the time… remember when I tried to post a sunset photo every night for an entire year?

Yes, all these fires raging in California did allow me to visit Yosemite and be almost the only person there. But they have played havoc with the sunsets on my trip to the Bay Area to visit my mom for … Continue reading

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Sky stuff… sunsets and hot air balloons…

Just another evening at my new job in San Diego.

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It could be worse…

Don’t get me wrong, I hate a lot of things about my new job as a private security officer at an exclusive, private community. But the view from my little guard houses at the two gates isn’t bad. The guard … Continue reading

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A weird, busy day at work…

My job as a private security officer manning one of the gatehouses at an exclusive private community keeps me on my toes. A lady in a mini van took the entrance turn a little fast, and ended up plowing up … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or does the sun look weird in this picture?

I mean, I did take the photos with my phone, so it isn’t like my good camera, but still… it looks like an alien planet. But, see, it happened in more than one photo. And it looked pretty normal just … Continue reading

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Another nice San Diego sunset…

I have started to take double photos with my phone when the light is fading. I take one where I touch the screen to focus the camera, and one where I don’t do that… I am not sure which is … Continue reading

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Back-lit bougainvillea…

Just a few photos I took on my phone… From right outside the guard house where I work… Keeping the rich people in the exclusive private community safe from poor people… like me. That, is a bird of paradise flower. … Continue reading

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