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So what is the secret to timing a trip on the Bahia Belle, a Mississippi paddlewheel-style boat that cruises around Mission Bay in San Diego? Hitting the sunset, that’s what.

That is the Bahia Belle after we debarked. But we did time the sunset part just right. For San Diego, this isn’t a very impressive sunset. But I was drinking rum-and-cokes, so I didn’t worry about it. It is still … Continue reading

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Sleeping pets, owls, fog, and another Southern California sunset…

Another great sunset the other night. My job as a security guard lets me watch the sunsets over a pleasant valley. It also lets me see lots of wild animals. Raccoons, coyotes, snakes, lizards, tarantulas, and owls. I tried to … Continue reading

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Just another evening at work in Southern California…

Just another San Diego sunset. Just pink fluffy clouds and palm trees. Just the sky gettin’ all weird. Just Mother Nature showing off. Just colors and light. I mean, the smoke in the air from all the fires helps. But … Continue reading

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You know, there is a reason they call it the ‘Golden’ Gate bridge…

And it has nothing to do with that gold rush thing. So of course while I was visiting my mom in the Bay Area, I went up into the Berkeley Hills to get some sunset pictures for you. Wrong time … Continue reading

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Pictures I just want to clear off my phone…

So, yeah… A bunch of sunset photos, and my dogs being cute… I really should bring the good camera to work for the sunsets. But that seems a little unprofessional. Although that picture would have been a lot better with … Continue reading

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An audio clip of a funny advertisement from my podcast, where Putin tries to sell his overstock of blackmail pee pee videos, and a sunset picture to look at while you listen…

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Some sunsets; sum sunsets, sun somesets, some sonsets, somesunsets…

I call that one: ‘dinner at sunset’. I call that one: a photo of a sunset. I don’t really go to the trouble of naming all my photos. That would be silly. I am not sure if that classifies as … Continue reading

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To my friends at work… especially my new friend, Sherlock… because she is awesome…

You are the only reason I can keep coming to work. Believe me, it isn’t the money that keeps me coming back. Making you all laugh makes me laugh, and keeps me sane. I will miss you when I am … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know… more sunset pictures…

I took these a few nights ago. Unfortunately, I took them with my cell phone, not the good camera. I was afraid that by the time I got it ready, the colors would have faded. I was home alone, and … Continue reading

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The most astounding sunset I ever saw… and I have seen a lot of sunsets, I mean, I do posts about them all the time… remember when I tried to post a sunset photo every night for an entire year?

Yes, all these fires raging in California did allow me to visit Yosemite and be almost the only person there. But they have played havoc with the sunsets on my trip to the Bay Area to visit my mom for … Continue reading

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