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I fixed that tiki that made me feel like a racist… even though we all know I’m not one… right???

Here is what it looks like now. You might remember the post I did with a photo of the way it used to look… Once again, let me remind you that when I first used that wood stain/varnish, it was … Continue reading

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I am probably the least racist tiki carver you have ever interviewed… but… um…

Okay, where do I start? The thing is… (hello, old thing)… that I have been neglecting my tiki carving for a while now. I decided to get back into it, and I finished this guy. My clear varnish was dried … Continue reading

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Protesters on their way to oppose a large gathering of Nazi racists in Europe…

Go ahead, Trump, tell us how there are two sides to every situation. How you are sure there were good people and bad people on both sides. How the Nazis were just peacefully gathering in all parts of the continent … Continue reading

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This country is tearing itself apart…

Which side do you stand for… human decency, caring, sharing, trying, hoping, helping the poor, weak and sick, making our planet safe to live on, fighting against racism and bigotry, working towards the equal treatment of women… Or… You know… … Continue reading

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When stupidity leads evil… (Or): They’re racists, not smart bombs, you idiot!

We are not paying enough attention to the fact that this ignoramus has aligned himself with racist groups. Attacks against minorities are growing in this country. The racists are emboldened. They see the fact that tRump is in the White … Continue reading

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Stop telling us you are the ‘real America’, tRump supporters!!!

Because you aren’t. This country was established under the premise of freedom of religion for everybody, not just white Christians. Yes, we had slavery, but we fought a war to end it, and then fought political battles to make all … Continue reading

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So you elected an asshole: A survival guide… part 8…

Disguise yourself as a Trump supporter. I know, this is… unpalatable… but you don’t actually have to shoot anyone or anything, or yell racial or sexual slurs, or punch your wife or grab a stranger’s vagina. You just have to … Continue reading

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