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Love, dogs and cake… come on, man, that title alone should get me a million views on this post, right?

And it seriously is a post with some random pictures of my dog being adorable… and a cake… Like right there… with her best friend, Riley the one that is closer to you… taken on Easter… when we got together … Continue reading

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Name that piece of Art… part 81…

And no… you can’t just name it; ‘King Arthur’… you have to do better than that.

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Because he’s Eric freekin’ Idle, that’s why…

And he is the master of red carpet camouflage…

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So… how’s everybody doing?

Anything particular you want to talk about? Is there a crucial issue you want to discuss… or maybe have me make fun of with crazy pictures? Anybody want to add themselves to my ‘making your dreams come true’ series by letting … Continue reading

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Name that piece of Art… part 80…

Still haven’t run out of pictures where I stuck a little bit of me… Art… in the art… so you are still coming up with clever names for them, right? See, this one even sort of goes with that last post … Continue reading

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So I was driving somewhere today listening to a talk show on NPR… (National Public Radio)… because I am old and I was raised a Berkeley hippy liberal, so what else would I be doing when I am not listening to my mix CDs of classic bad-ass rock from the 70’s… when I learned some scary things about young people… particularly the white ones…

I can’t tell if we are evolving as a species… moving forward, developing, getting smarter, becoming more enlightened, however you want to look at… or whether we are going the other direction. I have noticed that as the world changes … Continue reading

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Breaking news…

Eric Idle decides the world has had enough of Dick Cheney…

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Is my spam trying to tell me something???

Has anyone else noticed that spam seems to go through phases… like it arrives in weird clusters and groups like a flash mob or something? It is almost like there is a directing power out there, organizing the spam, directing it, … Continue reading

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Name that piece of Art… part 79…

Well, I am still going through all my old posts looking for any piece of art that has a piece of Art… me… in it, you know, so you can impress us all by thinking up clever titles for them, … Continue reading

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I just want my mom to stop calling me a racist, is that too much to ask???

Before you get all bent out of shape, let me explain. You know that book I wrote and illustrated… the one for children… the one right over there in my sidebar with a link where you can buy it and … Continue reading

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