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Dear new people, please comment on our post that has 44,617 comments…

If you look over there—-> to the right… at the top of the sidebar… you will see some big blue words that say: Help break the WordPress record for most commented post. Click on those words, and leave a comment. … Continue reading

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Okay, here is what I need your help with…

I need to start a new blog to showcase my books. The thing is that I am a computer moron. I could probably figure out how to start a new WordPress blog, but that isn’t going to cut it. I … Continue reading

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The best spam of the week…

I like answering the comments in my spam folder. I don’t know why, I just do. This week, I got two spam comments that are suspiciously alike, yet from two different people… or robots… or automated programs… wherever the hell … Continue reading

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Please help us break the record for ‘most commented on post’, on a post that has 44,498 comments already…

Just click on the blue letters—> over there, on the right—> at the top of the side bar. The words that say: Click here to get to the post where we are trying to break the record for most comments … Continue reading

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Yes, we all know that I am a stat monkey…

Okay, the thing is… and this is a thing I have talked about before… but I am a self-confessed stat monkey. Not only because I feel that it somehow validates the insane amount of time I spend writing and doing … Continue reading

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So, I have this one post with 44,306 comments…

Yup… you read that right… we are pretty sure it is a WordPress record, although they still claim this is the one stat they don’t keep track of.┬áIf you are new here, please add a comment… or 30 comments… or … Continue reading

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Wtf, wordpress… where the hell did the reader tag topic wall thingies go???

So, I just finished catching up on the wordpress sites I follow, you know, like I do, and to get there, I always hit the ‘reader’ button. When I finished, I looked to the left to find the tag-reader-wall things… … Continue reading

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