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Nocturnal visitors… part 2…

Okay, these are the last photos from my mom’s house in the Bay Area. Because I grew up across the bay from San Francisco, I had the benefits of living in a small town, but I had access to all … Continue reading

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Well, I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area…

My wife is helping my mom, who is 94, I remind you, with some computer and phone tech support. I am finishing up editing the 4th novel in my action humor science fiction novel series, so I can get it … Continue reading

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Why, yes, I do even make jury duty look fun, don’t I?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I had jury duty on the same day… technically, she forgot she had it, and rescheduled to the day I had it… but… still… There I am, at the new, … Continue reading

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Two completely unrelated stories from my life, done with alternating photos… because I have been busy… and it’s funny to do it this way…

That is a very drunk me. It was taken by my wife, at that Western-themed restaurant near Hollywood, when we drove up there the other day to see a comedy show. That is a very sober me, a selfie I … Continue reading

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Detours: A California adventure… part 18; A detour within a detour, a brush with future disaster, and a blackened landscape…

That is the sun beginning to set over the Pacific Ocean. I was on another detour… the last of this three-day, detour-strewn adventure from Northern California back to San Diego. I was firmly back in Southern California now. Traffic really … Continue reading

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A digital view of a San Francisco sunset…

The ’emboss’ filter… Not an improvement on the photo I took at Christmas time, but it does look cool. The ‘neon’ filter is interesting. I forget what that filter is called, but I like the way that only the Golden … Continue reading

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More fun with filters and a San Francisco sunset…

Here are a few simple digital filters, used with this photo… I took that photo on my recent trip to the Bay Area for Christmas. I am a big fan of this easy-to-do form of digital art. You never know … Continue reading

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