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Snorkeling babies, conspiring balloons, fancy cakes, and sunsets…

Okay, that bay is not really snorkeling… although I could Photoshop him into the ocean and defy you to tell the difference. My wife, older daughter, and I babysat our friend’s twin boys last night. But I have a few … Continue reading

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Another nice San Diego sunset…

I have started to take double photos with my phone when the light is fading. I take one where I touch the screen to focus the camera, and one where I don’t do that… I am not sure which is … Continue reading

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A sunset… and some balloons…

There was a lovely sunset the other night, which I watched from my little guard house. These aren’t bad pictures, considering I took them with my cell phone, and couldn’t move more than a few feet from my post. The … Continue reading

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A sunset and a giant ghost spider…

That is a sunset, as seen from where I spend most of my evenings, guarding a gate at an exclusive private community. When I am not busy taking calls and letting cars in, I have two giant video monitor screens … Continue reading

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Nocturnal visitors… part 2…

Okay, these are the last photos from my mom’s house in the Bay Area. Because I grew up across the bay from San Francisco, I had the benefits of living in a small town, but I had access to all … Continue reading

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Well, I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area…

My wife is helping my mom, who is 94, I remind you, with some computer and phone tech support. I am finishing up editing the 4th novel in my action humor science fiction novel series, so I can get it … Continue reading

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Why, yes, I do even make jury duty look fun, don’t I?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I had jury duty on the same day… technically, she forgot she had it, and rescheduled to the day I had it… but… still… There I am, at the new, … Continue reading

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