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My life recently, as summed up by random phone photos…

There are still fires burning in California… So the sunsets have been wild. We got a gas-fire fire pit! Now I have three ways to make a fire in my backyard. It looks better at night. Yup, weird. Pretty, but … Continue reading

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Things you should never ever do on a jet ski…

Do not lay face down and do a one-handed push up on a jet ski. I don’t care how manly it makes you look. Don’t put you face on the handlebars. If you hit a wave, you will knock your … Continue reading

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So who was having the most fun?

Was it my daughter Mollie and her boyfriend? Nope! Was it my older daughter Jessica and her husband? Get real! I mean, yeah, Mollie looks pretty happy. Hey, anybody can look happy. That doesn’t mean anything. Not that it was … Continue reading

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San Diego from sea level… or bay level…

Downtown San Diego, as seen from the water. Not too shabby on a sunny day. Quiet and peaceful, even. The giant statue of that famous kiss at the end of WW2. My daughters say it is a symbol of oppression, … Continue reading

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Pictures… of stuff… and things… and whatnot…

More photos I took at my job as a security guard in Southern California. Once again, this is a mix of images from my real camera and my phone camera. I think the first half is the real camera. On … Continue reading

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Clouds… because everybody loves clouds, right?

Clouds reflected in glass. Some of these I took with my camera, and some with the camera on my phone… in my phone? I guess if you can’t tell which is which… It doesn’t really matter. I took all of … Continue reading

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Flowers and bunnies… the only real cure for a pandemic…

To be honest, I brought my good camera to work the other day, and I want to see how some of the photos stack up against the ones I take with my phone. That one is the good camera. Phone. … Continue reading

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These are the very last pictures of our Christmas trip to the Bay Area…

I know, it seems like I have been sharing these sunset pictures forever… but I took a lot of them. You might recall that the rest of my family was back in San Diego, and I was spending some quality … Continue reading

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What… another anniversary already?

Okay, obviously my wife does not look like that. She just has no interest in being in, on or near my blog. But she really is taller than me. So, me and the kids got her some stuff… you know… … Continue reading

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Snowy mountains and sunsets…

California. We have everything here. These are a few photos left over from Christmas in the Bay Area and my recent trip with my younger daughter to the snowy mountains. Okay, see you soon.

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