Pictures of aliens from my novel

You may have noticed the picture of a book in my sidebar. I wrote that book. It is actually a very long novel that I have broken down into four parts. The first part is now available in many electronic formats and in paperback. If you click on the picture of the book in the sidebar, it will take you to the paperback version. This book, which took me four years to write is both humorous and exciting. It is also full of aliens.

a 1 a

These are just some pictures I did of what I imagine these aliens to look like. I have never met them myself. That is the other me from the other dimension, the one who really wrote the story, even though I take credit for it. So these may not be exactly what these beings look like. But I had fun doing these, and I hope you enjoy them.

a 1

That is a Xxo. Humans also call them the Giant Broccoli. They are over twelve feet tall.


a 2That is a Bat. Humans also call them Trexes (or a Trex, in singular form) which is just a clever way to say T-Rex as one word because they do look a little like a T-Rex crossed with a bat. But don’t worry, they are only two feet tall.

a 3That is Mr. Toad. He is a Brain-Friend to a Slug. He is only one and a half feet tall, but he is smarter than you might think.

a 4

These are two of the empathic Qualm.

a book wasp whip

And that is a Wasp Whip. They cause a little trouble.

a 1That is a fleet of ships of some alien race. My daughter’s boyfriend did that ship on the back cover of the book. I just cut and pasted a bunch of them together.

a alien hostage 3

Oh man… I love that picture. That is me with a real model of a Wasp Whip, made by a good blogger friend in England. He took the model out for a pint of beer in a pub…

a book alien model

How awesome is that? I cut the picture out in Photoshop to use in the picture with me.

a 1 a copy

And that is just me with the same alien, taken from the painting I did of him. I used this picture as part of my shameless marketing campaign.

a alien band

Oh yeah… alien rock band…

a book fawnya 1

That is a character from book three, Her name is Fawnya. And I did a few versions of her…

a book fawnya 2

You know, just to play with some ideas for what color(s) she might be…

a book fawnya 3

Because aliens might be any color… or no color…

a book fawnya

Thank you for stopping by.


152 Responses to Pictures of aliens from my novel

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m actually currently creating a whole body of work for my new exhibition called ‘building spaceships’ .
    I like your aliens

  2. Art, I know you’ve mentioned Adobe Photoshop a few times. Is that the digital drawing program you utilize?

    I’m still trying to get the artwork done for my debut novel. I suppose I could do it myself, but I’m not the best artist. And I really don’t want to use stock photos or art either. I’d like to get someone with more drawing experience to do it, but I haven’t been able to find anyone yet. I figure I’ll just try to do it myself and see what happens.

    What digital art program or software would you recommend?

    • I use Photoshop for just about everything. It is really a photo manipulation program, but you can use it to draw, or fix drawings. Go back and look at some posts I did about my two children’s books. I did drawings, and sketches, and a few watercolor paintings, but I cleaned them up in Photoshop.

        • Photoshop is also very good for changing the size and DPI of images.

          • I don’t really want to download a royalty-free stock image or photo just for the mere sake of using it. That almost feels like a lazy and/or last-ditch effort. I would only download something to use as a base for the image I ultimately want to create.

            I put out a proposal on a Facebook book cover design group, but there were no takers. I also listed a proposal on a separate web site that helps independent authors get things organized, such as editing. I’ve already paid a professional book editor to scour through it, which she did. But I had wanted to submit the cover art as well to whatever publisher I decide to use. I figured it’d be best to pay for as many features as I could upfront.

            In looking at the proposals, I get the feeling I’m being too specific, even though I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind if the artist let their creativity run with it. Those specifics were just a base outline. Oh well…I’ll see what I can get done!

            Thanks again, Art!

  3. Those are some uh…interesting aliens I see 🙂

  4. AdorablyA says:

    Tell me about Qualms. They look interesting.
    Will we be aliens to the aliens if you’re thinking from the point of view of the aliens? Because I really want to join that rock band.

    • I did a picture of my aliens in a rock band. The Qualm can feel the thoughts of other species. But they never quite react to them correctly. The hero end up using them as lie detectors and… some other stuff.

  5. The Xxo (Giant Broccoli) is what happens when you actually light one of those 1970s candles. projects.

    Trexes look like crows who tried to apply too much product with a scorching hangover.

    Mr. Toad slipped and fell into a Southwest Airlines toilet bowl at 44,000 feet, didn’t he? ‘Fess up.

    The empathic Qualm are sun-dried tomatoes with excellent fashion sense.

    The Wasp Wisp is what happens when you stare at a Police Line Do Not Cross tape while on acid. (I hear.)

    The spaceships just remind me that it’s May 31: Dalek Day.

    • You might be overthinking these a little… which I love, by the way… thanks

      • The WordPress comments section is my first line of defense against writer’s block or *sofa ass.

        *Occurs when I discover yet another beloved movie uploaded in its entirety to YouTube.

        • Your mind jumps around a lot… you might also have a cranium infested with crack squirrels…

          • Oh, god, don’t say “squirrels.” My neighbor thinks she’s feeding them but the crows are scooping up the damned shelled peanuts, dropping them in my birdbath, and letting them fester and rot there until they’re good and soft., which they love.

            I walk outside each morning to find a putrid pond of slimy ooze where there should be happy birds enjoying their morning ablutions. Imagine mixing peanut butter with sock sweat and urine and you’d about have it.

            Today’s the day. I’m marching over there and telling her to stop it. I’ll say store bought peanuts give squirrels stomach cancer. She’s elderly and has no internet. I win.

  6. pmao- Enjoyed this a lot. And look forward to readin more posts.
    Will definitely check out yer books as they (from brief perusal) seem right up my alley.
    Thanks fer stoppin by my mad blog,
    Oh and Alien Rock Band are they available on i-tunes?

  7. Now i am curious about this novel. Must check this out but if there are images it would be nice to have a the book, not an ebook. By the way, I had such a time chuckling (laughing out loud a few times too) reading through your comments. I usually don’t stop by for the comments.

  8. Emma Duncan says:

    I love your Wasp Whip, my son loves it even more.

  9. userdand says:

    The more I read the more I am considering that.

  10. userdand says:

    I’m sure the Queen is thrilled to hear that. Perhaps she and Parliament will declare a national holiday or day of mourning.

  11. When your novel becomes so popular that they start producing action figures, I want a Wasp Whip.

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  13. Awesome aliens! Just out of curiosity, is the title a reference to Douglas Adams’ “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” ?

  14. I see no wasp whips – tell me I got that right – and I know the image exists!

  15. elroyjones says:

    Excellent job! You may want to change the page title to Novel Illustrations; it will look cleaner.

  16. Trent Lewin says:

    I will never eat broccoli again. Thanks for the nightmares.

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