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This country is tearing itself apart…

Which side do you stand for… human decency, caring, sharing, trying, hoping, helping the poor, weak and sick, making our planet safe to live on, fighting against racism and bigotry, working towards the equal treatment of women… Or… You know… … Continue reading

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At this point, collusion is just the frosting on the pile of poop…

I mean, yes, it would be nice if we could kick the guy out by proving that he knowingly colluded with the Russians. The thing is… and there is actually more than one thing… a lot more… but we would … Continue reading

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Things that make you go: hmmmmm???

Okay, I just thought this picture I took of an orangutan needed to go with that title… but now, I might as well write something to go with both of them. How about this: I sort of agree with the … Continue reading

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What did you do at work today, daddy? (or): What do republican politicians tell their kids?

Seriously… I want to know. How do republicans go home at night and talk to their children? Do they just came out and say: “Well, I made it legal for people to shoot baby bears and dump toxic coal mine … Continue reading

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It isn’t about Trump and his minions anymore, it is about the republican establishment enablers…

If you still think trRump is doing a good job, then you are either so brainwashed by FOX Alternative News, or have such an amazing ability not to let facts enter your cranial cavity, that nothing I say is going … Continue reading

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The thing is…

… that there is always a thing. Life is things, and things are life. I mean, when you get right down to it, everything is a thing, so every thing is a thing. Well, we aren’t supposed to call living … Continue reading

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My DNA results are in… it turns out I am from a long line of white people… go figure…

As an adopted person, I have always been curious about my DNA. I am six feet four inches tall and have size 15 feet. Was I small for my family, or some sort of giant, mutant freak? I am all-art-side-of-the-brain. … Continue reading

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