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Last summer, I was standing on the bridge where, just yesterday, that asshat killed human beings with his car, and attacked other human beings with a knife… in order to show how superior his religion is. When is enough enough?

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I could do that… or maybe not…

I thought I had found a new employment opportunity here… but when I thought it through, I realized that the man version of this would look really wrong… I should try thinking things through more often.

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I am no longer sure where America is heading…

When I was born, in 1960… yeah, I’m old, shut up… things in America were not all that great for minorities, females and the environment. And yet, as you look at the years since then, things have seemed to be, … Continue reading

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A bunch of flowers for those of you still dealing with snow… part 6…

It strikes me that my idea in the last post… putting words between the pretty pictures that have nothing to do with flowers, but might be worth discussing… was a pretty good idea. I have always held the opinion that … Continue reading

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I think Trump supporters are tired of thinking…

Hey, it happens. Modern life requires a lot of thinking, and that can be exhausting. Some people are just more comfortable if they have leaders who do their thinking for them. I mean, why should you waste your precious brain … Continue reading

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Taking photographs is an art, and like all art, it has hidden depths worth exploring. Just framing a nice shot in the lens of your camera is fun, and you can end up with some great shots, much like doing … Continue reading

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Republicans did what now???

The republicans have certainly been busy doing stuff… I mean, not good stuff, but stuff, nonetheless. So far, since tRump took office, they have managed to make it easier for corporations to pollute the world without any oversight, and make … Continue reading

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