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A recommendation about an author from Arthur, who is also an author…

I don’t do this kind of thing often, but I have been listening to books by this guy on Librivox, a free audio book app. I am officially recommending G. A. Henty, 1832-1902. Yeah, this guy… He was an English … Continue reading

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Yet another update on what you are missing recently if you aren’t listening to my podcast yet…

I read more parts from my action/adventure novel about a bunch of kick-ass princesses raising an army to fight an evil empire. I find a bunch of old cassette tapes with recordings of some of my earliest musical endeavors. I … Continue reading

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An audiobook review…

No, not a review, an out-and-out recommendation!!! This four book series by Philip Reeve is awesome. If you like dystopian future post-apocalyptical sci-fi with giant, mobile tracked cities hunting smaller cities on the dried-up sea beds so they can eat … Continue reading

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Here is what has been going on with my podcast, Pouring My Art Out…

I did an episode with no funny fake advertisements or crack squirrels, where I talked very seriously about the history of perspective in art. Hey, try everything once, I always say. Then, I did three episodes of sci-fi stuff. If … Continue reading

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Wait, how many books have I self-published now, exactly?

Well, I am not good at math, but that looks like 8 to me. A four-part action/humor science fiction series, two self-illustrated books for kids, a murder mystery set in London during World War Two, and my newest novel, a … Continue reading

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My newest novel is now available… just in time for Christmas… HA!   Hopefully, that link works. If not, the one in my sidebar—> over there—> beside all my other books—> should work.

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This is what writing my new novel looks like…

I will update you as I begin to progress.

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Oh yeah, I just got the first copy of my new novel!!!!!

You give them life, you pour yourself into them, but it doesn’t really feel real until you hold the actual paperback copy in your hands. I think the cover came out pretty good. Thanks again to all of you who … Continue reading

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Well, I just ordered the first copy of my new novel…

I will see how the cover lined up, and look for glitches and technical errors. Then I will put the link on my blog with the other books that nobody is buying. HA! And don’t panic. I already started two … Continue reading

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Okay, so here is the finished cover for my new novel…

That is the full, wrap-around version, with the text for the cover, spine, and back cover. I know, some of you liked the title to be one line instead of stacked. But I did stick to two ships… on the … Continue reading

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