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Okay, follow along with me on this one, because this is how my crack squirrel-filled cranium works…

So, I was walking around work last night, you know, like I do, and I thought to myself what a cool expression ‘the grapes of wrath’ is. Then, I started wondering where one would keep one’s grapes of wrath, like … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, I am not turning this into a hipster food blog… but we did go out for a nice meal the other day…

If you look past the large, scary man… (no, he isn’t scary, that’s our friend, Big Johnny, who has known my wife since high school, and me for a lot of years, and is called ‘Big’ because I am 6 … Continue reading

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What… another anniversary already?

Okay, obviously my wife does not look like that. She just has no interest in being in, on or near my blog. But she really is taller than me. So, me and the kids got her some stuff… you know… … Continue reading

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Try to guess which of these are human food and which are pet food… yes… I know I said I wasn’t going to do anymore silly guessing games with the digital microscope I got for Christmas, but you don’t have to guess what kinds of food they are… just what kind of mammal eats them…

You don’t really have to guess. Here is what I looked at up close… My wife is now making homemade sourdough bread from starter. So just about every other picture above is of that… except for the one of some … Continue reading

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A fancy table and a more-or-less-traditional English Christmas dinner…

Christmas is a little subdued this year. Normally, there are a lot more people at my mom’s house in the Bay Area, but due to many reasons, two brothers are not here. That means that nieces and nephews are also … Continue reading

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That crazy Christmas dinner… that we do twice… part 2…

The flaming plum pudding, a staple of our fancy English Christmas double-dinners. I won’t tell you about plum pudding again. I do every year. Search back for it, or Google it. But it is hard to take a picture of … Continue reading

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That crazy Christmas dinner… that we do twice… part 1…

Christmas dinner at my mom’s house in the San Francisco Bay Area has evolved into a complicated, two-headed beast. We do a full, traditional English Christmas dinner on Christmas day… and then we do it again the following day. It … Continue reading

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