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Stop hitting yourself… stop hitting yourself… stop hitting yourself…

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Yeah… I know it’s immature… but it still makes me laugh…

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An open letter to Southerners who are worried about who might be peeing beside them…

Well, I do apologize about this… I thought I was done talking about the new bathroom laws popping up in the Southern states… but the crack squirrels that live in my head had a few more things to say… so… … Continue reading

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Where I stand on who gets to stand… or sit… where when they need to pee…

Yes, I am taking a stand on peeing! I suppose I am also taking a seat on where people should be able to poop, too,¬†and let’s face it, what this country needs is that one, brave, transgendered person living in … Continue reading

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Well, the whole ‘political correctness’ thing really just ended up biting us in the ass…

All we managed to do with political correctness is to make idiots, racists, homophobes, and other assorted mentally deficient, don’t-believe-in-evolution-because-they-never-actually-did-evolve morons get really good at covering up their hatred and bigotry and small-mindedness when they were out in public. Did … Continue reading

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A Terrible Thing To Waste… (Is this some kind of a hoax???)

You aren’t going to believe this. I can’t decide if I believe it or not, but I sort of want to. I got an email this morning. It came from some website called ‘’, but by the time I tried … Continue reading

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You know, I was thinking about all the stuff I do… and I am crazy freekin’ talented…

I don’t even know where to begin, really… I write and illustrate books for children… And books for bigger kids… I also write and sing and play guitar, but you have to click the button in the top bar for … Continue reading

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