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Opinions are not the same thing as facts… (or); Some things are true, and some things aren’t… a guide to some common misconceptions… part 5…

Global warming is a fact. Once again, feel free to have a differing opinion… but you are wrong. Our first mistake was calling it ‘global warming’ instead of the more accurate ‘climate change’. This allows people to go outside, see … Continue reading

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How to tell if you are on the wrong side of history; a simple visual test… part 4…

If this photo makes you think of happy workers earning a living wage while supporting trickle-down economics, and screw all those stupid regulations that hurt the poor industries, and my kids can learn to eat air instead of breathing it, … Continue reading

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Killing time and saving the planet…

(or): Straws suck!!! I am waiting to get the last of the Inner View interviews back. Well, not the last one… I still have a few more to do… I am going to interview the hero of my action/adventure/comedy science fiction … Continue reading

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