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Awkward pauses… part 1…

Sometimes, when I pause the TV to get a snack or… whatever… I notice that the tops are funny That is the whole idea of this series. You should all take these photos. We can start a coffee table book. … Continue reading

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The Oregon adventure … The Final Chapter… except for maybe a video or two, and then we can get back to the usual weird stuff… (or); Nothing but pictures of me!!!

Oh, me. I don’t care that I am looking old and baggy-eyed and grey and grizzled. I still love me. It is a face that grows on you. It has been growing on me for years. It is a nice … Continue reading

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Starting over… (sort of)… My very first post…

This is my first post, from way back in December of 2011. —————————————— They say that people are either inclined towards the art or logic side of the brain… I took a study skills class when I went back to … Continue reading

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