Dear climate change deniers, here is why seeing snow in the winter doesn’t mean global warming is a hoax… a very simple explanation…

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Okay, try to follow along with this. Putting pollution in our air is like putting fast food in your body. One cheeseburger with bacon will not kill you. Neither will one deep-fried Twinkie. But, if you eat enough bad food for a long enough time, you will start to get sick. You won’t be healthy anymore.

But, and here is the tricky part, so pay attention; the fat doesn’t actually kill you directly… unless you choke on some chili fries. But your arteries will start to get plugged up with gunk. This can make your heart stop. Or, you might get diabetes from all the sugar, and that might kill you. This is called ’cause and effect’. Don’t let the big words scare you. All it means is that, over the years, the bad things you put in your body build up and start to make you unhealthy.

The same thing is happening to our planet. But, just like the burger doesn’t kill you directly, the same is true of the pollution. Another example of this whole ’cause and effect’ thing is when you see snow outside your house in the winter. The earth is big. When parts of it warm up, that cause air to move… (that is how wind is made),.. and ocean currents to warm up. When lots of warm air or water moves, sometimes that cause the places that it left to get colder. Once again; ’cause and effect’.

Water and air moving around the planet is what we call ‘weather’. The more the water and air move and get warmer or colder, the worse the weather is. Global warming can make some parts of the world colder. I know, it is hard to believe, but you believe some other really stupid crap, so just think about it.

When those annoying ‘science people’ with all their fancy, elitist book learning and fancy-ass schools say ‘global warming’, they don’t actually mean that it will never be cold anywhere ever again on this planet we all live on. They just mean that mostly, in a lot of places, it is getting warmer. And this is making a lot of ice in some of the cold places melt. And this is making the oceans deeper, which means that anybody living near the ocean is in trouble.

And even if, and this is unlikely, you live on a tall hill in Kansas, that ‘bad weather’ and the ’cause and effect’ things we talked about, can make more tornadoes.

Any way you look at it, pumping pollution into the same air we breathe and water we drink does seem like a bad idea, right?

So stop acting like deregulation is a victory. That is like shooting yourself in the foot and then bragging that you are a good shot.

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