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Comic Con… I am Groot… and stuff…

Yup. Some of the well-costumed people literally spend all day doing nothing but photo ops. Old school Doctor Who. Let’s play ‘spot the flaming skull guy!’ Comic Con attracts a lot of people, some of whom just hang around outside. … Continue reading

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Comic Con… where it’s okay to stroke your Wookie in public…

And is it just me, or is the one on the left wearing hair gel… on its face? No, I don’t know what is up with that lady on the left, but I do wonder how one interviews a Wookie … Continue reading

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Uh, I think I just scored a ticket to Comic Con for Saturday, one week before we go see Hamilton…

Yup… the two hardest-to-get tickets in the known universe. I will let you know if this all works out.

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Sorry… but it had to be done…

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Bar hopping: In which I explain how a visit to a sixties exhibit at a museum ties in nicely with a long walk interspersed with much beer drinking… part 3…

In spite of the title, I am not really going to explain why I was with Big Johnny, dive-bar hopping through the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco, or who Big Johnny is, or how all this came about. You … Continue reading

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled photos of tigers and other animals… and other weird stuff… in order to share the last few pictures I took of Mollie, my younger daughter, and her friends, just before their senior prom…

Yes, my daughter looks beautiful, and yes, her boyfriend is handsome. Don’t worry, I am not sharing all the pictures I took, just some of the best ones. Because that is what I do here, share my life, and my … Continue reading

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I know… more pictures of flowers in my mom’s garden… but now with gratuitous photos of San Francisco and the Golden Gate thrown in!!!

I am falling behind on posting about my Bay Area adventures! Okay, I realize that, technically, walking into my mom’s backyard and taking pictures of flowers might not classify as an adventure… But who doesn’t like flowers? And being in … Continue reading

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