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We interrupt our regularly scheduled photos of tigers and other animals… and other weird stuff… in order to share the last few pictures I took of Mollie, my younger daughter, and her friends, just before their senior prom…

Yes, my daughter looks beautiful, and yes, her boyfriend is handsome. Don’t worry, I am not sharing all the pictures I took, just some of the best ones. Because that is what I do here, share my life, and my … Continue reading

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I know… more pictures of flowers in my mom’s garden… but now with gratuitous photos of San Francisco and the Golden Gate thrown in!!!

I am falling behind on posting about my Bay Area adventures! Okay, I realize that, technically, walking into my mom’s backyard and taking pictures of flowers might not classify as an adventure… But who doesn’t like flowers? And being in … Continue reading

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The many shades of me… part 2…

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Is being a dick a learned behavior, or are some people just born that way?

  I wanted to take a break from following our screwed-up political crapfest, and for some reason I thought it would ease my worried mind to look around the world and see how the rest of it was doing. I … Continue reading

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Okay, that one even makes my head hurt a little…

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These really are the last photos of my daughter’s wedding weekend… at least until I get my hands on the stuff the professional photographer took… but it’s okay, I saved the best for last… pictures with me in them…

2017 was a very good year for Coca-Cola… it has a nice, oaky bouquet, and lots of depth. I don’t know what Mollie, my younger daughter, is doing behind me, but her boyfriend and our friend Joey seem to agree … Continue reading

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My daughter, keepin’ it classy, on her first day as a married woman…

No, that isn’t her new husband, that is their friend, Andrew, who performed the ceremony… try to keep up. At least we used the fancy, crystal decanter and glass set, that came with the house we rented. Once again, I … Continue reading

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