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Of love, snow and flowers… part 7… special ‘just my awesome daughter, Mollie’ edition… now, with none of those annoying words typed between the photos!!!


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Yes, I am getting older… and so is the cartoon me… but I am still weird!!!

See, the cartoon me used to have brown hair, and a goatee. The new cartoon me reflects the changes that are happening to me in real life. The young cartoon me was a wild and crazy guy… Especially when I … Continue reading

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Because, seriously, who else is going to show your their kid’s liver???

Yup, that is the liver and gallbladder belonging to my younger daughter, Mollie. I guess, technically, the gallbladder no longer belongs to her, since it was taken out. That photo is a close up of one of four photos, on … Continue reading

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Well, I’m sorry if you spent all morning digging your car out of a snowbank, but this is what San Diego looks like right now…

I am also sorry about the quality of these photos, I took them with my phone. That is Mission Bay. That is Mission Beach. Bay side… Beach side… Bay… Beach… with lifeguards still on duty… Nobody had to dig their … Continue reading

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Idle on piano…

Just some random funny pictures I made for my buddy, Eric, and sent to him on Twitter. His publisher is looking for a photo for a book cover, and I figured, why not?

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Another of those things I see in the world around me that nobody else seems to notice…

I was at work one day, not too long ago, and I looked down at the flagstones, and spotted this Aztec chief in a big, gold, jewel-encrusted crown… or war helmet… or whatever. He is right there, in plain sight. … Continue reading

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How I ended up with this haircut; a story that highlights the creative and unusual ways that I make my own life difficult, with the help of the crack squirrels that live in my head…

Okay, so I have a place where I go to get my haircut. Haircuts have not been, historically, something that I worry about. In the first place, I was a Bay Area hippy when I was young. I had hair … Continue reading

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