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Spiders of the world wide web…

We dance on strands made of words and ideas… we cast about ourselves a nebulous web of that which we hold most dear, and then perch upon the gleaming, silken filaments… we hope to lure others to see the beauty of … Continue reading

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The naked truth… a reblog…

Why are human beings so weirdly obsessed with nudity and the reproductive act? What is it about the human body that makes the humans living in them so crazy? I bet I get hits on my blog just because I … Continue reading

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The sad thing is that right now, there are millions of people out there who think tRump is doing a great job…

Most of them probably aren’t racists… although I bet more of them are than are willing to admit to it. Most of them aren’t actually morons… although, really, is a moron smart enough to know that they are a moron? … Continue reading

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I did see some funny Saguaro cacti while I was in Arizona… the final chapter…

I hope that doesn’t offend anyone… even though, really, I do that a lot around here. Advertisements

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Let’s have a caption writing contest for this lovely photo of tRump’s sons…

So far, this is what I have come up with: The deadwood doesn’t fall far from the tree. Obviously, Trumps’ sperm is of the same caliber as his cabinet officials. If Beevis and Butthead had been born to money. The … Continue reading

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Trump makes good on his promise to drain the ‘swamp’… so that he can fill it with his own, special turds…

Yeah, he drained the swamp. He got rid of a lot of basically talented people who at least knew their jobs. Obviously, they didn’t live up to his high standards… for corruption. Then, as people began to complain about the … Continue reading

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So, about those aliens in my latest science fiction novel…

I have decided, as I am doing the final edit-read through of the fourth book in my action/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles, titled: Otherwheres Colide, and soon to be available over there—> in my sidebar–> with my other … Continue reading

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