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Well, you knew there was gonna be some more sunset pictures…

Because I never get sick of the view from the house where I grew up… Even though you can only see a small slice of the San Francisco bay, because of all the trees… And even though I can get … Continue reading

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Uh, I’m pretty sure that isn’t a cat…

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I walked by the big picture windows leading to my mom’s backyard. I saw movement, and assumed it was the semi-feral cats my mom and my younger brother, who lives with … Continue reading

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I will start sniffing around for some Bay Area adventures tomorrow…

I am too tired right now. I got about four hours of sleep last night. See you in the morning, people!

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Okay, is that high fog or low clouds???

Well, I am back visiting my mom in the Bay Area again, and I did my ‘getting up insanely early to miss the Los Angeles and Bay Area traffic thing’ again. I just have a few pictures I took, as … Continue reading

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Get sucked into my blog…

I am on a road trip. Take this opportunity to poke around in the old stuff down there… but be sure to bring some rope, water bottles, a snake-bite kit, a map, compass, hatchet or machete, and some matches.

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A tiger, a gorilla, me, my daughters… random photos, that would be a good title for this post…

I am just clearing out some of my photos, in preparation for something I am doing tomorrow, so here is the last picture I took of the tigers when I went to the San Diego zoo with my little buddy, … Continue reading

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I really need to make myself this shirt…

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