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Wet webs and digital magic… part 2…

So, I have all those photos I took where I sprayed a mist of water on some spider webs, to try to get a shot of the sun lighting the drops up like little jewels of morning dew. But maybe … Continue reading

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Just clearing some photos off my phone… part 2… and making it weird, with a new art form I call ‘tree faces…

So I started taking pictures of the moon seen through trees. And I was just going to post the photos to clear them off my phone, but then, because sometimes the moon looked like an eye, I decided to use … Continue reading

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Please come to my blog page and join us on my post that has 44,712 comments, and help us set a world record!!!

Basically, I invented the chat room blog post. You can rant, rave, do stand up comedy, seduce yourself… or others, as long as you are tasteful. This is a family blog, dagnabbit! Go in and leave random comments, answer old … Continue reading

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Two awesome days of excellent adventures, with lots of pictures of cute kids… part 6… the final chapter… sort of…

I say this is ‘sort of’ the final chapter, in so far as these are the last pictures of the day I went to Legoland with my little buddy, Olivia, pictured above, and with my cute little cousins and my … Continue reading

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Let’s build a wall… to keep Russia out of our freekin’ elections…

Seriously, these people do not understand irony. Russia, the people that made idiots like these hide under tables when they were in elementary school, to prepare them for the nuclear weapons raining from the sky. I thought you people hated … Continue reading

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Next time you are chanting ‘send someone back’, remember, it is only a matter of time until you get added to the’sending back’ list…

Right now, the list is mostly people you don’t like anyway. If they were all gone, the list would remain. So, who gets added next? Send women back to the kitchen? Maybe it will be Irish and Italian Americans? Catholics? … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you raise kids with all the money they want and none of the love they need…

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