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A hui hou kākou… (Until we meet again)…

This will be my last post for a while… we are leaving at 4 AM. Aloha ‘oe… (Farewell to you) I hope we see a  Humuhumunukunukuapua’a… (The trigger fish, also the State fish of Hawaii) I will try not to … Continue reading

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2,009 followers… now my army is large enough…

We march on King’s Landing at dawn!

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I’m leaving you…

No… not forever… please stop crying…  I’m sorry… no… just breathe… that’s it… In two days, I am going away. I will be gone for nine days. I know, I don’t usually tell you when I am leaving… for security reasons… … Continue reading

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Blogging… it is a lot like being addicted to crack… only cheaper…

Not that I’m saying I have ever been addicted to crack. But the symptoms seem to be very similar. I spend every waking minute wanting to do it. And no matter how much I do it, I still want to do more. … Continue reading

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So, you know that post where we are trying to break the record for the most comments on a single post… the one that now has 26,865 comments… let’s do something fun there today, shall we?

We haven’t done anything there for a while. I will make this an easy one. Today, we are going to make up silly words… If you are new here, and haven’t joined in the fun on our record-breaking comment post, … Continue reading

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Okay, people, I just need 6 more followers to get to 2,000…

I know… you are a busy person… you have things to do… you are already following too many people and don’t even have time to read all their posts. But you must admit, 2,000 is a nice round number.

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If I was going to compare my action/humor/adventure sci-fi novels to existing works of creativity, which ones would I compare them to?

That is a really good question. I would have to say that they are like a love-child of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Dr. Who, if you add in a bunch of Monty Python and some Star Wars… … Continue reading

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I can’t believe you believe that… or that you don’t believe that other thing… that is sort of hard to believe too…

Let’s talk about beliefs… and whatever the opposite of believing is… because believing… or not believing in things… seems to be central to the core of what makes us human. This is not a post about religion… except that it sort of is, because religions … Continue reading

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Oh, it’s a game alright…

A game of musical chairs… Where the only music is the whistle of sword blades, the hum of arrows, the thudding of hooves, the crunching of armor and the cracking of bones…  

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How to have an awesome blog in 2 easy steps…

1. Read my entire blog from the very beginning. 2. Do a bunch of posts just like mine.

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