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A hui hou kākou… (Until we meet again)…

This will be my last post for a while… we are leaving at 4 AM. Aloha ‘oe… (Farewell to you) I hope we see a  Humuhumunukunukuapua’a… (The trigger fish, also the State fish of Hawaii) I will try not to … Continue reading

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2,009 followers… now my army is large enough…

We march on King’s Landing at dawn!

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I’m leaving you…

No… not forever… please stop crying…  I’m sorry… no… just breathe… that’s it… In two days, I am going away. I will be gone for nine days. I know, I don’t usually tell you when I am leaving… for security reasons… … Continue reading

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Blogging… it is a lot like being addicted to crack… only cheaper…

Not that I’m saying I have ever been addicted to crack. But the symptoms seem to be very similar. I spend every waking minute wanting to do it. And no matter how much I do it, I still want to do more. … Continue reading

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So, you know that post where we are trying to break the record for the most comments on a single post… the one that now has 26,865 comments… let’s do something fun there today, shall we?

We haven’t done anything there for a while. I will make this an easy one. Today, we are going to make up silly words… If you are new here, and haven’t joined in the fun on our record-breaking comment post, … Continue reading

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Okay, people, I just need 6 more followers to get to 2,000…

I know… you are a busy person… you have things to do… you are already following too many people and don’t even have time to read all their posts. But you must admit, 2,000 is a nice round number.

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If I was going to compare my action/humor/adventure sci-fi novels to existing works of creativity, which ones would I compare them to?

That is a really good question. I would have to say that they are like a love-child of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Dr. Who, if you add in a bunch of Monty Python and some Star Wars… … Continue reading

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