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Another old post about more old stuff…

This one was called: I have some good news, and I have some bad news… **************************** The good news is that I have now scanned all my early artwork from my drawers and boxes. You would know this if you … Continue reading

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If I was really small…

I would totally ride around on a wasp… but I’m not… so…

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Oh yeah… we did it… 33,333 comments on one freakin’ post, people!!!

I would like to thank my loyal minions: Julie, Al, Cordeliasmom2012, Doobster418, and the rest of you, with a special shout out to our newest minion, Idiotwriter, whom I now name as official Head Minion in charge of showing up … Continue reading

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Attention all loyal minions… and the rest of you too… Let’s get to 33,333!!!

As much as I love the fact that you are all commenting on the post I did about the big dog… or the one where I insulted the big oil companies… can we talk about dogs and greedy bastards on … Continue reading

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Stupid big oil companies!

Stop jacking up the price of gas whenever there is a holiday where people travel. Do you know how bad that makes you look? Restaurants don’t raise the prices of food at meal times when people are hungry. And while … Continue reading

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This is an old post… but you might learn something…

It was called: Fun with numbers… What are the odds? **************************** If you haven’t read my entire blog… (and you know you haven’t…sigh)…, there are a couple of facts that you should be aware of. First, I am a mathematical ignoramus. … Continue reading

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I met a cool dog yesterday…

He was really big… that stick he is chewing on is really a large branch. We went to a little music festival. We brought our dog, and I met a lot of nice dogs. But this one was special. I … Continue reading

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