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No, that isn’t a sunset, that is a sunrise, I said I was done with sunsets…

I took these in the Central Valley of California on my way back to San Diego from the Bay Area. I had already been driving for nearly three hours before the sun came up. I even pulled over at a … Continue reading

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The very last sunset photos from my mom’s house… I mean, until I go back again…

I am back in San Diego now. I did my ‘getting up obscenely early to beat the traffic in the Bay Area and Los Angeles’ thing, so I have a few more photos of that to share tomorrow, as well … Continue reading

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Thank you for the sunset…

Why, you may well be asking, am I thanking you for this sunset? Well, let me tell you. It is because I am a naturally lazy person, and if it wasn’t for you, I might not have left my mom’s … Continue reading

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It was one of those kinds of evenings…

Sunset was drawing nigh… I was sitting in my mom’s living room, where I am sitting now as I type this, trying to decide if the sunset would be worth taking pictures of from my favorite view spot way up … Continue reading

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I know… more pictures of flowers in my mom’s garden… but now with gratuitous photos of San Francisco and the Golden Gate thrown in!!!

I am falling behind on posting about my Bay Area adventures! Okay, I realize that, technically, walking into my mom’s backyard and taking pictures of flowers might not classify as an adventure… But who doesn’t like flowers? And being in … Continue reading

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Well, it sucks that I am here for a funeral, but it is still great to be back in the Bay Area…

I took a nap… remember, I got up at three this morning to get those sunrise photos in the last post… and went down to one of my favorite spots by the bay… yes, the one will all the dogs. … Continue reading

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Happy cows and little yellow flowers…

Coming back over the last mountain range into San Diego, I stopped on a little side road to take these photos. It was a mountain meadow full of small, yellow flowers. And a bunch of happy cows. I think the … Continue reading

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