Palm trees and snow…

That is snow. And in the foreground, palm trees. Now, I know that to many of you, that is a pathetic amount of snow.

But this is Southern California. This is the pass leading from the central valley to Los Angeles. That snow fell as low as 4,000 feet.

This snowfall isn’t unknown. The pass gets some snow most years. But not that much, and not that low down. It closed the highway… which made my drive from the Bay Area, where we did that late Christmas thing at my mom’s house, to San Diego a much longer trip than usual, and it is already 500 miles of traffic.

On top of that, the storms had washed away a section of highway 1… again. The 5 and the 1 are the two main North to South arteries of California.

I was stuck here for hours while the road was plowed.

I suppose some of you will say; “See, it is cold in Southern California, global climate change is a hoax!”.

I am not going to bother explaining once more how warm weather in one spot can cause colder weather in another spot.

Google how weather and climate work.

Anyway, once I made it past the snow…

I was in Los Angeles just 20 minutes later.

Seriously, do not take pictures while you drive a car. I was a professional driver. And I just point my camera without looking, snap a bunch of shots, and delete the ones that are bad. Yay, digital photography.


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2 Responses to Palm trees and snow…

  1. Oh, gosh! I’m sure global warming is a hoax! We’ve been dealing with freezing temperatures – before the wind chill – here in Texas for over a week now. Now snowfall is predicted for the weekend. Then again, that’s what we call February in Northeast Texas where I live.

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