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The last picture show… part 4…

I am continuing with my rather dark idea of posting the last cell phone photos taken by people in the final moments of their lives, that I found on a site on the dark web. These images were taken by … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 19… special monuments edition…

Famous monuments from around the world… with a slight twist… Because architecture tends to be symmetrical, I needed to up the anti, so for some of these, instead of just copying part of the photo and then mirror imaging that … Continue reading

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The last picture show… part 3…

These are the last cell phone pictures taken by Herr Rudolf Nuttzengrabber, who fulfilled his lifelong ambition to visit the Grand Canyon in the United States. He took some wonderful shots, from the rim, the canyon floor, and even some … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 18… with a special surprise ending…

I couldn’t do the side-to-side mirror image thing on the Taj Mahal, because it is too symmetrical. So I went with the top-to-bottom flips… And, as promised, as a bonus, I added this image, of what it would look like … Continue reading

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The last picture show… part 2…

These are the last cell phone pictures taken by Mr. Milton Gristmill of Sludgewater, Texas. He was so excited, on his very first trip to England, to see the iconic sights, that, unfortunately, he forgot that some of them actually … Continue reading

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Desert vistas… the final chapter… with a free game of ‘spot the dinosaur’ thrown in!

Nearing the final leg of my journey back from Arizona, descending from the mountain pass and getting ready to turn left… South… so as to end up in San Diego and not… perish the thought… in Los Angeles… I took … Continue reading

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Desert vistas… part 7… (or): Mountains, clouds, snow and palm trees…

You gotta love California, where you can gaze past palm trees and see snow-topped mountains. I am nearing the end of my posts of photos I took on my recent drive back to San Diego from Arizona. We saw a … Continue reading

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