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Never mind… it’s there now… that was weird… I tried restarting my computer and everything…

The ways of the wordpress overlords are mystifying indeed!

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Uh… why can’t I see the last post I posted when I go to my blog page???

I’m getting likes on it, but I don’t see it. The last post is there. But that one has vanished… the one about the record-breaking comment post… wordpress… what did you do?

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Hey, as long as you are just hanging around…

See, I told you I would come up with a clever way to use the last few pictures from my trip to the zoo… but this is serious. If you are new here, I need you to do something. First, … Continue reading

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I only need 100 more followers to reach 4,000… oh, come on, like you have anything better to do…

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I had a really good tiger day‚Ķ the final chapter… and I saved the best for last…

These are the last photos… almost… of my recent trip to the San Diego zoo with my two-year-old buddy, Olivia. I may have told this story before, but once, when my nephew was little, we went to the zoo, and, … Continue reading

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Things that make you go: hmmmmm???

Okay, I just thought this picture I took of an orangutan needed to go with that title… but now, I might as well write something to go with both of them. How about this: I sort of agree with the … Continue reading

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Well, how many books have you written, Arthur, I hear you asking yourselves…?

That is a very good question, thank you for asking. Let’s see, I suppose it depends on how you add it up. So far, I have self-published the first three novels in my hilarious and exciting action/humor science fiction series: … Continue reading

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