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More ‘wet webs’… and yes, that might be a dog hair stuck to that web, over on the left…

I had fun taking some photos of those funnel-web spider webs on that misty morning when they were covered with little drops. And I said that when the big garden spiders showed up, I would do the same thing. But … Continue reading

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History: The longest running soap opera in… uh… history!

I was trying to explain to my wife and kids why I enjoy listening to hundreds of hours of the history of England podcast by this British guy who records it in his shed. I came up with a good … Continue reading

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Imagine a world where everyone was exactly the same…

Try to picture it, we are all the same color, size, and shape. We all believe in the same giant nonentity. We all eat the same bland porridge. We all do the same things for fun… nothing. The world is … Continue reading

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The rare ‘Eye of Sauron moon-eucalyptus tree’, and some other stuff…

You gotta admit, that is a pretty good picture I took with my cell phone, even if it doesn’t quite live up to my fancy title for this post. But art is art, and Art is Art, and I am … Continue reading

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Why are white supremacists always the poorest example of the white race that they say is so supreme???

I guess it is one of those ironies… you know, like how ‘survivalists’ are usually the last people we want continuing the human species after whatever disaster almost ends us.

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I have a vision of the future, which starts next year, so I am calling it my ’20/20 vision’!!!

Okay, it isn’t a very clear vision. You might even call it a blurry vision. And it has more than one part, so I guess it is a double vision… or maybe a division. I had to fix a bit … Continue reading

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Why my older daughter is justifiably famous for giving the best presents…

Yeah, that’s right. I am now a pinata! My daughter, Jessica, sent this to me from New York for Father’s Day. She did it all by hand. The tie dye shirt, the tattoo, the graying mustache. She even printed a … Continue reading

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