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‘Uh, Arthur,’ I can hear you asking, ‘what the heck is that, exactly’???

Well, I am glad you asked. That is this… And so is this… And this… And that… And also that… And this thing… And even that… which are all this thing… A glass paperweight I made in my glass blowing … Continue reading

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A closer look at stuff… part 2… Show me the money!!!

Still having fun playing with the digital microscope I got for Christmas. We already took a closer look at an American twenty dollar bill. Now, we are going South of the border… you know, before what’s his name builds his … Continue reading

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More pictures of the sun setting over the San Francisco Bay, that I took when I was up there for Christmas, and without all those annoying, distracting words that I always try to stick between all the photos in my posts… part 1…


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Just some random photos of some mammals I know…

I went and visited my friend Olivia today, the daughter of some friends of mine. She is three now. And the twins, her brothers, are growing up fast. They run around all over the place. This little gopher just popped … Continue reading

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Famous men as famous women… the final chapter… maybe… me as Audrey Hepburn…

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A closer look at stuff… part 1… An American classic: faded blue jeans…

I am still having fun with my new Christmas digital microscope. And see, I learned my lesson. I am not trying to make you guess what these photos are of. I told you right in the title. Heck, I will … Continue reading

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More random photos of this year’s holiday vacation in the Bay Area…

That is me, taking a photo of my older daughter, while she was taking a photo of the Christmas tree with her phone. I also stole a couple of her photos of the Christmas table off Facebook… HA! Mmmmmm… A … Continue reading

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