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Palm trees and snow…

That is snow. And in the foreground, palm trees. Now, I know that to many of you, that is a pathetic amount of snow. But this is Southern California. This is the pass leading from the central valley to Los … Continue reading

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I can see for miles and miles…

(or); 500 miles of nothin’… The thing… (there is that confounded thing again)… about driving from San Diego to the Bay Area is that almostĀ the entire drive centers around two unavoidable obstacles. These two geographical annoyances are the California Central … Continue reading

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Smells like teen spirit… but not in a good way…

I may have mentioned that for Mollie’s youth trip to the Bay Area, I was responsible for schlepping the luggage around. I was happy with this arrangement, because I didn’t have to spend that long drive through the California central … Continue reading

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