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Donald tRump and the McDonaldsification of the American political system…

I finally figured out what the tRump presidency reminds me of. He runs the country like the food franchise we all know and… loath/love. Here are a few things they have in common: They do create jobs. Low-paying jobs that … Continue reading

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New York City… day 2… part 10… Is it racist if a white guy puts on white face?

No, I am just kidding. After the end of the second day of our 3-and-a-half-day trip to New York, I somehow let my daughter talk me into giving me a facial. It took longer than I expected. First, I had … Continue reading

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Seriously, why would you trust this guy to do any important job???… part 1…

Sorry, I hope you manage to get that image out of your head someday. But this might get worse if the crack squirrels living in my head decide to go off the rails… again…

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Republicans reach a new low… I know, it is pretty hard to believe…

I was listening to NPR on the way to work yesterday… hey, don’t judge me, I’m old… and I heard that the part of the government responsible for protecting people’s basic rights is planning on rolling back the new rules … Continue reading

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Because, seriously, who else is going to show your their kid’s liver???

Yup, that is the liver and gallbladder belonging to my younger daughter, Mollie. I guess, technically, the gallbladder no longer belongs to her, since it was taken out. That photo is a close up of one of four photos, on … Continue reading

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Holy f*****g s***t, do not ever use a microscope to look at yourself too closely!!!

Oh, don’t panic. That isn’t even the gross part. That is just my puckered lips. This, despite the title of this particular post, is still a family-friendly blog. But if you ever do get one of those digital microscopes that … Continue reading

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Reflecting upon stupidity… putting a mirror to tRump… part 2…

See, I told you in the first post in this series that the mirror image effect can show you truths that aren’t apparent in the original image. I almost called this series: ‘Reflecting upon evil’ because I actually do believe … Continue reading

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