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Let’s have some fun with the zombie apocalypse… Part 3…

Here is something for you to think about. If the Congress and Senate were taken over by zombies, would we be any worse off? I mean really, would the zombies get any less done than the politicians who are there … Continue reading

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Let’s have some fun with the zombie apocalypse… Part 2…

Once again, I have a question for you. If you were at Wal-Mart when the zombies began their assault upon the living, would you be able to tell? I mean there you are, wandering through crowds of dull-eyed, shuffling, staggering … Continue reading

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Let’s have some fun with the zombie apocalypse… Part 1…

I just have one question for you… If these guys were zombies, would you even be able to tell?

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Dear China,

I know you are busy making your billions of people work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, in horrible conditions in huge factory-sized sweat-shops so they can make lead paint-covered products to slowly kill people in other countries, but … Continue reading

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I am doing this post for Ed Hotspur’s Romantic Monday series, even though there are still billions of people on this planet who have not yet read my story about one of the times I almost died and I swore that I wasn’t going to move on until you all did…

I am in an interesting predicament here. No… not the fact that I am doing a new post even though I was holding this blog hostage until you all read my post called ‘What a way to go’… which you … Continue reading

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I am holding this blog hostage…

I have a grapefruit spoon pressed to its neck, and I am not afraid to use it… I am not going to do any funny Photoshop pictures or cute stories or new songs or weird, crazy stuff until more of … Continue reading

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Now that just hurts…

I told you that I reblogged a really good story in which I almost died. And so far I have gotten more comments on the post where I told you to read the old post than I have gotten on … Continue reading

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You need to read this…

I just reblogged one of my old posts because I am very busy today. If you only read one of my posts, this is the one you should read. Well, not this one, the one below this one. It is the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Pouring My Art Out:
I have spotted the weakness in my plan to take over the universe by having the most popular blog ever… OK, that isn’t my real plan. I really just want to show the…

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A tribute to Uncle Bill…

Back in 1994 was the first time I met Uncle Bill. All the California family went to Iowa for the 50th wedding anniversary of Uncle Bill and Aunt Doris as I mentioned in the previous post. Family and friends came from … Continue reading

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