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Multi-media-tasking… part 1…

Okay, follow along with me on this multimedia journey. That right there is what happened when I took this image… And put it through a digital filter called: ’emboss’. The image is of this… Yes, it is the very first … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 22… Dogs… wait, are we even sure that is a dog???

  Yes, that is a dog. A cute little dog. The same dog who is in this next picture… These might be my two favorite pictures from this whole series so far. Because I can take one photo of a … Continue reading

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The last picture show… part 4…

I am continuing with my rather dark idea of posting the last cell phone photos taken by people in the final moments of their lives, that I found on a site on the dark web. These images were taken by … Continue reading

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How to relate to old people; A handy guide for those of you who aren’t old… yet…

I guess I am old. I don’t feel old, or feel like I even look that old, but I might be considered old by some of you young whippersnappers. Tonight, my wife and I are taking her uncle out for … Continue reading

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Stand out… the final chapter… and some thoughts about blogging on WordPress…

I tried to start a conversation about what it takes to stand out in a crowded world, and what makes each of us unique. The conversation never really got rolling. I blame that not on you, my friends, but on … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 4… and I am so sorry about this…

When the crack squirrels that live in my head told me to find funny ways to use Photoshop to mirror-image and stick together parts of photos, I don’t think that even they were aware of where this was going to … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 2…

Because what this country needs right now is more light… shining into the dark corners of our collective soul, and pushing back the creeping shadows.

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