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Get sucked into my blog…

I am on a road trip. Take this opportunity to poke around in the old stuff down there… but be sure to bring some rope, water bottles, a snake-bite kit, a map, compass, hatchet or machete, and some matches.

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Sometimes, you just have to blog in a pirate hat…

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In Montana, it is legal to defend yourself against assault with a difficult question…

Also, I had to use that picture again, because that is the best Photoshopped selfie ever!!!

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At this point, collusion is just the frosting on the pile of poop…

I mean, yes, it would be nice if we could kick the guy out by proving that he knowingly colluded with the Russians. The thing is… and there is actually more than one thing… a lot more… but we would … Continue reading

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Let’s play: Name that romance novel!!!

Go ahead, wow us… come up with a name for this romance novel. Bonus points for a funny author’s name… and no, you can’t call it: The Russians Are Coming… because this is a classy blog… and that is the … Continue reading

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Trump says: “I am back from the Middle East”… while speaking in Israel…

Okay, even if you still somehow think Trump is doing an awesome job as president, will you please at least admit that he is a moron of the highest order? Oh, and I would like to point out that, after … Continue reading

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Hey, as long as you are just hanging around…

See, I told you I would come up with a clever way to use the last few pictures from my trip to the zoo… but this is serious. If you are new here, I need you to do something. First, … Continue reading

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