Looking back: A blog retrospective; Part 49- Because; ME!!!… part 17…

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And speaking of mushrooms…

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Defining a presidency: The ‘mushroom dick’ defense…

Of all the pathetic, moronic or downright evil moments of the tRump presidency, I have, after more than a year of thought, come to the conclusion that there was only one defining moment that sums up the surreal years of the tRump administration.

That is when he stood before cameras, being broadcast to the entire world, and tried to convince us that there was ‘nothing wrong’ down there. This was in response to being accused of having an oddly-shaped penis… by a porn star… whom he had an affair with… right after his wife gave birth to his son. He was upset, not just for being called unusual in the junk department, but because, according to his lawyers, she shouldn’t have been able to slander his privates after being paid money to keep quiet.

If I was ever forced to defend myself from such an accusation, I doubt I would include a worldwide audience. But I am fairly sure that a porn star would have seen enough such appendages to make a comparison. If there was ever a time to take the high road and just ignore a comment, that would have been it. But no. There as no high road to take, was there?

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The riot to stop the certification of the new president WAS a false flag operation!!!

And that is the false flag right there, the symbol not only of slavery, but of the attempt to split the country, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of loyal American troops.

The peaceful protestors of the tRump wing of the Republican party were infiltrated… by racists who also believe in tRump, and by religious zealots and militia members and anarchists and pea brains and science and logic deniers and chronic whiners and others, all of whom believe in tRump.

Let’s face it, if you protest to show how American you are by waving a flag of a cause that tried to leave America and start a whole new country, you are already goin down the wrong track.

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When your kid is starting nursing school right after Christmas… a holiday follow-up spectacular…

A fake arm to practice nursing stuff on.

Rubber wounds to practice sewing up.

A stethoscope with her name engraved on it.

A blood pressure cuff.

It was a good Christmas. Even though we didn’t do it in the Bay Area like we usually do.

Her sister got a cool keyboard, and Jessica’s husband is obviously very proud of the Christmas bred he and I baked.

I got some cool stuff to do some planting with. I like plants…

And they like me, as my orchid blooming in time for the New Year proves. This isn’t everything, just a taste. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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Looking back: A blog retrospective; Part 48- tRump… part 7…

Hey, I try to let this guy go… but… uh… I have so many good pictures…

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Clearing off the phone photos…

Just sharing some recent photos.

You know, like I do.

I have some flowers.

Just things I spotted when I was out doing stuff.

I found a cool leaf.

And there was one day where the clouds sort of looked like animal skin patterns,

Rain is coming.

A San Diego sunset.

Some perfect little rose leaves in my backyard.

And my younger daughter Mollie, with an old dog in her sweatshirt.

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Happy late Christmas, everybody!!!

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Another song from my podcast (Pouring My Art Out) just in case you still aren’t listening to the podcast, which I find hard to believe, but this is my friend the Grim Reaper doing a cheerful little holiday song, with a silly video for you to watch while you listen…

rt,video,music,song,the grim reaper
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A silly song I did: a rewrite of a Beatles song, done karaoke style, with two tracks of me singing, and some sloppy guitar work also by me, and with an added video because this song is actually part of my newest podcast episode… Some Silly Songs…

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