Why you should really listen to my podcast…

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I now have 4 episodes of the podcast on air, and if you think this blog is a freak show, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve heard the podcast.

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Yeah, I talk about art, and about myself, but there is so much more. Talking crack squirrels, funny songs, ads for products that don’t actually exist.

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Just give it a try. They are available on Spotify and Apple podcasts, and it is absolutely free.

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And if you would be so kind as to leave a nice review, that would be awesome.


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The Podcast… part 1… my first official tie-in between this blog and my new Pouring My Art Out podcast!!!


This is the official studio for my podcast, and all the equipment I need to make the magic happen. The dog and cat are optional, the coffee isn’t. This is here because these two completely different art forms are going to be linked together into one harmonious hole… uh… I mean whole… where words and pictures and music and stories cross-pollinate and hopefully generate some crossover traffic.

Oh yeah, we have a blogcast.

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Episode two of the Pouring My Art Out Podcast should be popping up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts soon…

I am not going to share the link here, because I want you to see if you can find me, so I know it is all working. Thanks.

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I have a podcast… live on Spotify!!!

I did it, with a little tech support and a Christmas microphone from my kids. Now you can hear me acting like an idiot instead of just reading about it.

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The first episode of the new podcast is almost done…

Stay tuned for more details!

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Oh yeah… fondue fest…




Do I look happy?

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So, let me see if I understand this whole ‘Superbowl’ thing…

A group of large men named after gold rush prospectors had a shoving match with a group of large men named in what I assume is a vaguely condescending and culturally insensitive way to Native Americans. These large men get paid more than many people will earn in their lifetimes to play a game with a ball. Advertisements costing more than the GDP of some small countries attempt to sell things to the fans, who already spent most of their money on a big TV to watch this game. More people watched the game than voted in the last presidential election. (I don’t know that for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me). People who don’t even watch football the rest of the year watch this game, sort of like people who only go to church on Christmas. And after all that, a president, elected by a minority of voters, proved he didn’t know which state a major city in the country he runs is even located in.

Do I have that right?

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