My life recently, as summed up by random phone photos…

There are still fires burning in California…

So the sunsets have been wild.

We got a gas-fire fire pit! Now I have three ways to make a fire in my backyard.

It looks better at night.

Yup, weird.

Pretty, but still a sign of the apocalypse.

I’m pretty sure about that.

I have noticed recently…

That our water bowls…

Are a little like a waterhole on the Serengeti.

I have been seeing this lovely feral cat around work lately. He has lovely blue eyes and a stripey tail.

He just ignores me.

Power washer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby grape???

Okay, see you soon.

I hope.

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Mirror mirror off the wall… part 27…

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A dog’s life…

Look, all I’m sayin’ is that if someone would feed me and pet me, and let me nap and play whenever I felt like it, I would wiggle my butt when they came near me, and lick them whenever… and wherever… they wanted me too.

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Mirror mirror off the wall… part 26…

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Like a republican politician, if he uses his balls for anything, he will fall from his lofty position…

Oh man… I kill me…

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Mirror mirror off the wall… part 25… London…

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Yes, once again, I broke out my spray-mister bottle and my camera, and pissed off the spiders in my garden!!!

Sorry, little garden spiders, but your orb webs are so beautiful!

I try to only do this once in a while, when the spiders are building and the sun is shining at just the right angle.

I move around to optimize the sunlight and the background.

It is hard to focus on the web, let alone one little part of it.

So I often crop the photos way down to just one part.

Or not…

Fake dew. Take that, Mother Nature!

I am still trying to figure out how to get some images with my digital microscope of these, but… uh…

There were actually two webs in good positions this morning.

One I could line up with the blue San Diego sky. The other with our Mimosa tree.

Tiny droplets…oh yeah!

That web is a little messy in the middle, but I love it when it all comes together. Thanks, spiders..

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Masking sarcasm… ha… see what I did there?

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I hate to say this, but maybe we should hold off on the protesting for a while, to help Biden win the election… please read the post before sending me hate mail…

Here’s the thing. The protests, while perfectly within our rights, are making too many people nervous. People who might be on the fence abut who to vote for. Yes, Black Lives Matter! But the people who support it already support it. We have reached a point of diminishing returns.

Too many people are hijacking the protests for their own agendas. Too many people are using the protests as cover for their own plans. It plays into the republican fear mongering election strategy.

There are people in red states that know tRump is unfit for office. But they are often the same people who are nervous about the phrase ‘defund the police’. They don’t know what it means. They like the idea of law and order, and even agree that police shootings are out of control and aimed too often at minorities. But tRump is using the continuing protests as a way to stoke the fear. Don’t give him an excuse to declare martial law. It would only take a few nuts wearing uniforms to start a real civil war.

Ideally, we should work it this way. Have Biden make a speech asking for calm. Then, everybody go home. Then, when Biden is elected, he can start to fix the problems. We can’t let tRump win. We will start seeing more and more secret police and military units in our cities. They can use this as an excuse for making it harder or even impossible to vote.

You see protests. They see anarchy and rebellion. Take away the target they are using. Take away their excuse to escalate. Take away tRump’s path to become an actual dictator.

Peace now for real peace later.


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Mirror mirror off the wall… part 24… eyes… part 2…



Art, what are you gonna do?

Here’s looking at you, kid.

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