Well… I had to reblog this, didn’t I???

Hey there folks. Welcome to another installment of the Author Interview Series. Today I have a very talented and funny guy who I would like to introduce to you all, along with his madcap antics, writerly wisdom and anything else he cares to throw into the mix. Please put your hands together for artist, author, […]

via Author Interview – Arthur Browne – The Otherwhere Chronicles, Double Service, The Lonely Little Wizard & I Like Monkeys — toofulltowrite (I’ve started so I’ll finish)

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Cloudy… with a chance of me…


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This was really tricky to do… but it makes me smile…

a 4

Golden Gate Bridge above fog at sunrise

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The only thing cuter than a baby monkey… is two baby monkeys… and little Olivia…

a 1

It can’t be easy to raise a baby in the trees… I think of all the crazy stuff my brothers and I did on more-or-less flat ground, and try to imagine the heart-stopping moments that a mommy monkey has to watch all day long. I mean, even my brothers and I realized that wrestling and biting in a tree was not really a good idea.

a 2

The mommies are very attentive.

a 3

But a baby monkey is going to do what a baby monkey does…  You can hear him thinking: ‘Hey, I wonder if I can climb this vine?’

a 4

You can also hear the big male monkey thinking: ‘please don’t’…

a 5

I could have hung around all day, just snapping away with the zoom lens…

a 6

You never know when the perfect picture is going to happen…

a 8

Good photography requires patience…

a 7

But you know who doesn’t have patience?

a 9

Little Olivia… my buddy… who is sweet and polite. She just gives you that: ‘are we going to go see the turtles now?’ face… and what are you gonna do?

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Okay… this should be a thing…

a 5

It has a certain ‘je ne sais what?’ quality…

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I don’t know what to call this picture… but it should be the cover of a bluegrass music CD…

Summer Oak

And why does this remind me of the 70’s???

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Another ‘come up with a caption for this photo’ game…

a 3

I was going to title this picture either:

Ready to rave…


I really thought more people would show up to support our gay pride parade…

You can do better!

Also, I swear this is the last post where I change the colors of animals with the ‘color replacement brush’ on my newer version of Photoshop… because I have now moved on to changing the colors on other stuff… hey… blame the crack squirrels dancing around in my head!

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