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And believe me, I know something about self-absorption.

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The RMS Really Really Titanic…

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Pictured here on her maiden… and only… voyage, the RMS Really Really Titanic unfortunately broke into 16 pieces and sunk… in the harbor… as soon as she attempted to make a slight change of course to starboard. The two end pieces, bow and stern, were welded together to make the RMS Titanic,  which had much better luck on it’s first journey, actually making it out to sea… for a while.

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Stand out… part 3…

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What do you do to stand out? What makes you you? And I don’t mean covering yourself with tattoos or getting dinner plates stuck into your ear lobes or getting some strange body part pierced. What sets you apart from the crowd?

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More dogs and logs on blogs…


Our dogs… although there is another one staying with us for the next few weeks. I will fill you in on that as the other project progresses… the new tiki-to-be…


I am preparing the log. So far, all I have done is strip the bark off one side…


Well, I mean, I have started to draw a face on it after I prepped it and after this photo, to get ready to start the real carving, but I will fill you in on that as I go as well.

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Stand out… part 2…

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Hey, I am not telling you how to be a unique individual. I just thought we could maybe discuss what it is that makes us unique. Or question what it means to be unique. I do know that I have always had a lot of respect for the first person who went out of  their house dressed as a punk rocker. That person was unique… the millions of other punk rockers out there… not so much. I do not give points for being good at copying someone else.

The same goes for all the young guys wearing their pants sagging low. I suspect that the first guy to do that did it for one of two reasons: either he was too poor to buy a belt, or else he was so busy being himself he did’t even notice his pants were sagging. I would, at the very least, be willing to bet that he didn’t stand in front of a mirror pulling his pants down and his boxer shorts up.

I want to meet those two people, that is all I am saying.

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Stand out… part 1…

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I have decided to initiate a conversation about what it takes to stand out… set yourself apart from the herd… in modern life. I am going to also be using some pictures where I use Photoshop to remove the color from all parts of some images except for one, as a sort of digital art metaphor for this discussion.

And I am not talking about standing out by being the loudest, or the most successful. Or by copying the styles of others. This isn’t about wearing your pants lower than the other guys in your high school, or wearing the dress higher than the other girls in your high school. It is about being you, but doing it with style… your own style.

So please, chime in, tell us what makes you unique. Or ways that you perhaps fall short in this area of your life. Let’s have a conversation.

I will keep doing this until the crack squirrels that live in my skull get bored, those delightful, furry, little brain parasites that make me one of a kind.

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Now those are some sexy legs… and arms…

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