Eyes… part 17…


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Republicans… stop treating Donald like he is your only child… please…


I suddenly realized what is actually going on, sometime last night, while watching republicans defending Trump’s performance in the debates. When Trump ended up as the nominee, for many of them, it was like being told by their doctor that, due to ‘complications’,  they would never be able to have another.

This explains everything. It explains why, no matter how poorly he does, they still love and support him.

“Oh, look at him, reading words off the teleprompter! Isn’t he presidential.”

“See, he didn’t say anything horrible about women or minorities… for a whole hour!!!”

“I know, he steals other kid’s lunch money… but that is just part of his brilliant business model for success.”

Well, little Donny isn’t special… (I mean, he is ‘special’, but not in a good way)… He isn’t precocious and too smart for his own good. He is a mean-spirited little bully, and you have spoiled him rotten. He has no boundaries, and he doesn’t play well with others. Try a little discipline, for crying out loud.

Better yet, put him up for adoption. I’m sure that nice Russian family will take him.

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This is what my brain feels like after watching the debate…


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Lost And Lonely Boy… (a short poem)…

I am a lost and lonely boy

And someone stole my only toy

My search has yielded little joy

I am a lost and lonely boy…


I am a boy, lost and alone

With little I might call my own

For unknown sins I must atone

I am a boy, lost and alone…


I am a boy, lonely and lost

Adrift, and by the storms I’m tossed

I know not why I bear this cost

I am a boy, alone and lost…



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Eyes… part 16…


Well that’s just disconcerting…

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Eyes… part 15…


Here’s looking at you, kid…

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It’s an eyes cube… oh man… I crack me up…


Seriously… how cool would that look floating in your drink?

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