DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 14…


I am fairly sure I can find tiny wigs in a craft store… you know… for dolls…


And I threw in a gratuitous picture of Cuca in a fro wig… the same one I put on Trump not too long ago. I didn’t put a Trump wig on Cuca… Racha would never have forgiven me.

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DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 13…


What about something a little more Doctor Who-ie? Sorry, I didn’t add a bow tie. He doesn’t have a neck.

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DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 12…


What about putting a full-sized tree up there? I mean, we will probably have to re-renovate the house… but still…

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DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 11…


There seems to be some confusion about what is happening in this series of posts. I’m sure it is my fault, but let me clear up the confusion.

A couple of months ago, while shopping for something for the home renovation, I was at a large home improvement store called Home Depot. I had, not too long before, done a series of posts about the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos… the Day of the Dead celebration… and the art associated with it… you can search that if you want… it was back when our relatives were visiting from England.

Anyway, while I was at the store, I spotted these two skulls… for only $5.99 each. Even though they are made in China, they are obviously Dia De Los Muertos inspired. They are about the size of a tennis ball, and each will nestle in the palm of my hand.

I named them Cuca… that’s the white one with the mustache… and Racha. This is a joke, because in Spanish, cucaracha means cockroach.

Glued to the top of their heads were little plants. The skulls are not hollow. There is no dirt. These plants come from the rain forest, and are sometimes called ‘air plants’. They can grow in the tops of large jungle trees, and get most of their water through the leaves, not the roots, which are used to grip the trees.

When we started moving back into our house after the remodel, I left my little friends at my mother-in-law’s house, where we had stayed for almost two months. One way or another… and I am not blaming my mother-in-law… even though both plants were doing fine the last time I saw them… (plants, like babies and animals, love me)… But she brought them over one day, and the next day, the plant of Cuca’s head just fell off. It had taken the day of the dead theme a little too literally.

Now… for what ever reason… I am doing a series of funny Photoshop posts with ideas of what to replace the plant with.

And you are supposed to be voting on what would be the best choice… and feel free to come up with funny suggestions for this… it is an interactive blog, after all.



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DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 10…


I haven’t entirely ruled out the idea of using a tiny wig to replace the dead plant…

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DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 9…


I haven’t completely given up on replacing the dead plant with another plant… but perhaps a saguaro (pronounced: soo-waar-oh) might be a bit much. They get like 30 feet tall.

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DAY OF THE DEAD plant… part 8…


Maybe the only way to get Americans to vote for anything… even something as important as what to replace the dead plant on top of my Dia De Los Muertos skull with… is to pander.

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