So, here’s what’s new…


My orchids are blooming again. They like the kitchen.


My cat is being adorable while sleeping.

Oh, and I am starting a podcast soon. Details to follow.

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No, I’m not mad at you…

a 1

My younger daughter, Mollie, was visiting us this past weekend from college.

a 2

I was talking to her while she was in the bathroom doing her makeup.

a 3

Watching her do her eyebrows, I was hit with the idea that it would be funny to have some triangular clown eyebrows put on me.

a 4

After a moment of careful consideration… which, obviously, I am well known for…

a 5

I exclaimed: “No, I want to look like an angry cartoon character!”

a 6

Mollie is an obliging person, and well versed in her father’s weirdness.

a 7

And that is what happened.

a 8

And now, naturally, I am sharing it with you.

a 9

See… it all makes complete sense.

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New York: now with extra ‘digital magic’ included for no extra price… part 2…










Yes, those are all versions of the same photo… this photo…

a 1

That I took in New York, while I wiggled the camera around. I love those digital magic filters. And here is one more bonus picture…


Extra wiggly!

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Remember, tRump’s real family name is Drumpf, and he is as American as schnitzel…

a 1

Immigrants and their anchor babies, what are you gonna do?

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New York: now with extra ‘digital magic’ included for no extra price…


‘Oh, what are you up to now, Arthur?’ I hear you all asking yourselves.

a 1

Okay, if the title didn’t make it clear enough, these are all of a photo I took when I was visiting my daughter in New York City.

a 2

And I used some digital filters on them.

a 3

And made some interesting versions of a single photo.

a 4

And now I am posting them for you.

a 5

It is as simple as that… wait…

a 50

Wait, did I mention that the photo of the lights of Manhattan that I took was one of those weird ‘wiggly light pictures’ that I like to do so much?

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The new, official Space Force uniform camouflage design from the Pentagon…

a 1

Your tax dollars at work!

a 2

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Why do witches wear pointy hats?

a 1

Because flying monkeys poop… a lot…

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