Shameless attempts at getting you to listen to my podcast… part 2…

Another audio clip from the same podcast episode, in which Jimmy, the crack squirrel that lives inside my head, asks me about religion, and I try to explain it to him…

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Shameless attempts at getting you to listen to my podcast… part 1…

In an obviously shameless and self-serving manner, I am doing a series of posts with audio clips from my podcast, which, hopefully, will get you interested enough to pop over to Pouring My Art Out, the podcast, that is really part of this blog.

To begin this series, I am posting a few funny advertisements from the latest episode, which deals, most humorously, with child raising in an old testament manner.

These are commercials for a restaurant, and the complete jingle I wrote for it as well.


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Another video of time lapse San Diego sunsets and drum music…

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A bird and a sunset…

My daughter spotted this young hawk in our pine tree yesterday, helped by the falling snow of feathrs from the bird it was eating.

I think it is a young Redtail, but it might be a Peregrine Falcon?

A very young and inexperienced hunter, it took a while to eat the bird.

In other recent news, we met our cousins at a park near our house for some family fun. The park, called Hilltop Park, has a good view of the sunsets and the ocean.

Also, I had some quality silly time with my little cousin,

It was a nice, socially-distanced break.

Note the white feather in the hawk’s beak as it plucks its dinner… or breakfast.

I don’t think it is grey enough to be a Peregrine.

That strip of blue in the center is the Pacific Ocean.

No winter storms in San Diego.

I love hawks.

And sunsets.

Okay, see you soon.

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What’s been happening on my podcast…

I did a murder mystery, done as an old-timey radio show in soap opera style, with the voices of many famous movie characters.

I did an episode where our intrepid contact deep within the shallow-state tRump White House exposed some really nasty pee-related shenanigans.

I did a heart-warming episode about how my family saved Christmas from the Covid-Grinch by having it later than usual.

I did an episode where I tore a new one for a Christmas song that never should have been written.

And I did an episode… which I just finished… involving some lost biblical texts on child raising.

And all of these have funny commercials with music, and talking crack squirrels, and weird characters, and so much more.

Pouring My Art Out; a podcast, available for free where ever you get your podcasts.

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An audio commercial from my podcast…

Pouring My Art Out… available where ever fine podcasts are given away for free!!!

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Glorious Leader-hosen…

Oh man… I crack me up…

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A video: Three San Diego sunsets, in time lapse, with drums…

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Fog, a dog, flowers, and baby raccoons… stuff from my phone this week…

It was foggy at work one night this week.

I like fog.

Because I grew up in the Bay Area.

Me and one of my dogs.

My orchids are blooming again.

Impressive, right?

A raccoon family I spotted at work.

Why does my phone take such bad night photos???

But don’t worry.

I got something for Christmas that might help with that…

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Okay, I can add text to videos now…

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