Is being a dick a learned behavior, or are some people just born that way?

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I wanted to take a break from following our screwed-up political crapfest, and for some reason I thought it would ease my worried mind to look around the world and see how the rest of it was doing. I somehow ended up observing France and their elections, and let me tell you, it didn’t make me feel any better. But it did make me… or the crack squirrels that live inside my head… start thinking about horrible people again.

I won’t name any names, but there is a woman running in the French elections who is the leader of a hateful, fascist party. It turns out that her dad was the leader, but she took over and then kicked him out. Which should be funny, but it isn’t. And that was when I began to wonder if she just learned to be an asshat, or if it had been handed down to her in her jeans… uh… genes.

Has there ever been a study done about this? I know that in the American South, bigotry seems to be sort of hanging on with a firmer grip than in other parts of the country. If a KKK member has kids that end up being racist, did he… or she… just teach them to think that way, or is it part of their DNA? Now obviously, there are people who go against whatever it is that their parents taught them, if only out of rebellion, but what about people who come from accepting parents and end up being haters? Is this evidence that bigotry is something we can pick up from other idiots, or does it, in fact, lead to the opposite conclusion? Are these people who suffer from some genetic aberration that cause closedmindedness?

In short, me… and the squirrels… want to know if some of us are jut predisposed to being complete jerks. Is it hardwired, or are some people just so stupid that they can hate large groups of people just because some other ignoramus told them too?

Tell me what you think.

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