Why the confederate flag is the perfect symbol for hardcore tRump supporters…

It represents an old, outmoded way of thinking that most Americans, and indeed, most of the world, consider to be deplorable.

It represents a system that tried to destroy America, but was defeated, even though some people refuse to believe that fact.

It represents white privilege and dominance by the use of force.

It represents America being divided by violence.

It represents the idea that your freedom is more valuable than that of anyone else, and that you are willing to kill those people, who believe in their freedoms just as strongly as you do.

It represent the complete inability to compromise, to bargain, to be reasonable, to debate, to not get your own way every single time.

It represents a past history that everyone else is trying to move past and beyond.

It represents the few trying to force their views on the many.

It represents American soldiers in blue uniforms dying in battle to preserve the Union.

It represents a lost cause that never should have been a cause to begin with.

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Me… as 2020…

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Dogs, clouds and a very Christmasy poop!!!

Wave clouds.

Dogs waiting to bark at the mailman.

Okay, I am really just clearing the photos from this week off my phone.

She has her blanky, a pillow, and the remote control for the tv… life is good.

I left that bird poop on my car, because it looks like fake snow.

Sleepy sun dogs.

Not much snow in Southern California.

But we do have three dogs and a cat.

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Goodbye 2020, you big, steaming pile of tRump!!!

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A Recycled Christmas… part 5…


It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means… the monkeys from my self-illustrated children’s book—> available over there, in my sidebar—> are getting into the spiked eggnog again. *(NOTE… the monkeys in the actual book do not get drunk… it is a book for children, for cryin’ out loud)*

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A Recycled Christmas… part 4…

e 1

Of course I make it all about me… that’s what I do…

e 2

But don’t worry… there is other stuff too…e 3

Because Christmas is all about elves…

e 4

And funny Lord Of The Rings tie-ins…

e 5

And labor disputes… wait, do elves even get paid?

e 6

It is also about hanging out with your friends…

e 7

And funny hats…

e 8

How is that war on Christmas going?

e 9

Okay… that’s just silly…

e 10

And I leave you with some animals getting in the Christmas spirit…

e 11

Because red animals should wear red hats…

e 12

And also, I have crack squirrels living in my head.

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A Recycled Christmas… part 3…

Christmas ninja is back!!!

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All I have to give you for Christmas is me…

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This Christmas is just so 2020… (or); How Thanksgiving and tRump ruined Christmas…

So, a special “Happy Holidays” to the people who just couldn’t socially distance at Thanksgiving, and who supported… and still support… tRump and his abysmal non-handling and denial of the pandemic.

Oh, I’m sure your holidays will be fine. No doubt you will still gather with your families. The rest of us are putting Christmas on hold, until we get through the Thanksgiving surge., and, presumably, the surge that will be heading our way a few weeks after Christmas.

I guess my family can do our Christmas in July.

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A Recycled Christmas… part 2…

See, this one is even more funny now… or maybe way less funny now… hard to decide.

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