Circular logic… part 2…

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Circular logic… part 1…

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Some Halloweenie animal photos from my trip to the Bay Area to visit my mom…

Black cat, evil stare, what else is there to say?

A lone crow in a dead tree making his mournful caw.

I like crows. They have attitude.

They are beautiful birds.

Don’t confuse them with ravens. They hate that. Thus quoth I.

They are pretty dang smart… for birds.

They are well adapted to finding food in all environments.

This guy got tired of me pointing my telephoto lens at him.

“I am outa here”, he said, with a flap of dark wings. Probably going off to look for a murder. (If you got that last bit, you know about crows).

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No, these are definitely NOT more pictures of flowers from my mom’s garden, because I promised I was done with that…

See, that is obviously one of the branches of the plum tree in my mom’s backyard, covered with interesting things. I am back in San Diego again, after my visit to my mom in the Bay Area.

I know that looks like a picture of a flower, but it is an experiment in composition.

That flower just jumped in the way and totally photobombed me!

The flower is barely in focus. That is a photo of some cool leaf edges.

That was for a horticultural medical online site. I am pretty sure that rose has the chicken pocks.

Baby flowers don’t count. Everybody loves babies.

See, what is that? It is spreading to other flowers on the same rosebush. Maybe it is the Pink Death, come to stalk the land again.

Just checking how far the disease had spread.

Daisies aren’t real flowers. They are more like a weed. Ask any gardener.

Same with gernaiums.


Leaves… with neat patterns on them.

More lichen and moss.

Those are tomato flowers, but look at the sweet moss growing on the fence.

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Yeah, I wrote a rap song for lazy people… as you would know… if you listened to my podcast…

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Did you know that the Grim Reaper sells his own brand of hot sauce?

You would, if you listened to my podcast…

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Random photos of my 500-mile drive in a motor home adventure to visit my mother in the Bay Area…

My 97-year-old mother, and a cat. I know it looks like she has her back to me, but we were enjoying some reading time in the sun… and social distancing.

A few photos from that hike I took in the Oakland hills with my good friend and my godson the other day. I swear if you squint, you can see San Francisco over there in the haze.

Seriously, squint harder. It’s there.

On the way back to my mom’s house, I stopped at a farmer’s market and got a loaf of artisanal oat bread… mmmm… healthy and tasty.

No, just kidding, that is a cow pie.

And I promise…

These will be the very last…

Photos of flowers…

That I took in my mom’s garden!

But if that made you happy because you don’t care about flowers, I should probably warn you that I went to the famous Berkeley Rose Garden yesterday, and I brought my camera… and my little mister/sprayer bottle for making fake dew, so get ready for more flower pictures!!!

I know.

I’m sorry.

But it is my blog.

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Not just any…

A father and his son, walking together.

They enjoy each other’s company, the father giving lessons about nature without being too obvious that he is teaching anything at all.

Sometimes no word are exchanged, and the moment is enough.

The father is the kind of person who would never pass up a chance to pet a dog.

The boy is a regular boy, taller than average because of his father, but he is the kind of boy who would never pass up a good walking stick on a hike.

Birds fly far below them, over a lake at the bottom of the valley.

It is a quaint little lake, nestled in the Oakland hills.

But these are not just any people.

This isn’t just any man petting a dog.

This is not just any boy.

This is not just any dog.

This is not just any lake, captured by a telephoto lens.

This is not just any guy in the trailhead parking lot that I made pose for a photo by his customized van.

These are not just any birds.

That is not just any vulture.

And this, this is not jut any lichen and moss encrusted rock.

Okay, obviously I got carried away, but it is true that these are not just any people. That is Big Johnny, old school friend of my wife, long-time friend of me, best man at our wedding, and father to William, our godson.

So I guess what I am saying is that all those other things seemed special, because I got to spend time with those two.

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I even managed to get some good pictures of a bumblebee!

Bumblebees are harder to photograph than most birds and butterflies. To get one in focus in flight is a rare treat.

It turns out that the garden next door has flowers that attract not only butterflies, but bumblebees as well.

Bumblebees are big, and seem awkward sometimes, but this guy was a freekin’ acrobat.

He would do anything to get nectar.

He was hanging upside down.

Oh yeah, in flight, if not exactly in focus.

He has a face on the back of his head.

Nom nom nom nom nom…


I got tired… and hungry… just watching him.

I guess that is some kind of moth, or small butterfly, but I got carried away.

And one bonus dragonfly!

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Forget all those stupid birds, I had the best butterfly day ever!!!… part 2… now with real words…

In that last post, I let the butterflys… wait… butterflies? Seriously, spellchecker, that makes them sound like flies… Anyway, I let those gorgeous insects speak for themselves. This time, I will be their spokesperson. I’m sure they won’t mind.

I don’t think that one is a Monarch, but it is still nice. My great butterfly day started in my mom’s garden. I got the first few shots there, and figured I was doing pretty good, because it is hard to get a butterfly to sit still for a photo.

So I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood where I grew up.

The people next door at some point must have planted their entire front yard with magic butterfly-attracting plants.

I have never had such an easy time taking so many photos of so many butterflys… yes, I know, spellchecker, I am not playing your sick game!

There were dozens of them flying around, and they even seemed to stay on the flowers for a longer time than is usual.

And the flowers were nice too. I love the color purple.

Gotta love the zoom lens.

I cropped a few of these pictures a little, but that’s it.

Most are just as I took them.

Hello, butterfly.

I like that the tiny flowers are in focus, the butterfly is almost in focus, and the flowers in back are just blobs of purple. That is pure art… by accident.

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