Opinions are not the same thing as facts… (or); Some things are true, and some things aren’t… a guide to some common misconceptions… part 5…

Global warming is a fact. Once again, feel free to have a differing opinion… but you are wrong.

Our first mistake was calling it ‘global warming’ instead of the more accurate ‘climate change’. This allows people to go outside, see snow falling and say that global warming must be a hoax. That is like saying that you feel okay at the moment, therefore you can’t have cancer. It ignores the way that climate works, a complex series of events within the closed system of our planet’s ecology.

Now, even if you dispute the fact that the vast majority of scientists say that our world is in trouble and refuse to buy into the whole climate change thing, at least be honest enough to admit that we are destroying the air and water on this planet. We are poisoning the world, and with it, ourselves. Think of the world as a fish bowl. We are the gold fish. There is only so much clean water in the bowl. There is only so much clean oxygen around our world.

Now, start dumping small amounts of chemicals and motor oil and ground-up plastic and stuff from your garbage into the fish bowl. The fish might seem okay right now. But if you keep adding stuff, the fish will be in trouble. If you stop adding stuff, and maybe add some plants to the water, and a filter, you might save the fish.

Once again, we are the fish.

PLEASE DO NOT do this with a real fish in a real fish bowl to prove me wrong. Because I am not.


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