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Bones… part 8… ‘howlin’ wolf’ edition…

Okay, it might just be a ‘yawnin’ dog’… I still keep forgetting to look at the tags on the images when I am Goggeling them. But whichever member of the canine family it is, and whatever it is doing… or … Continue reading

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Bones… part 7… now with no words for you to have to read… and isn’t that nice of me, not typing a bunch of words in the post and expecting you to actually not only read them but process their meaning and perhaps even make some sort of coherent response with words of your own that you would also have had to type, because, really, why would I lay that sort of responsibility upon you, I mean, this isn’t your blog, so why should you have to do stuff???

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About my books… part 2… I have my new hook to write another book…

As I mentioned, way down there below the crazy bone pictures and the Trump observations, in part one of this series, my newest book is, for all intents and purposes, done. That would be book four of my action/humor science … Continue reading

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Bones… part 6… special ‘sexy otter’ edition…

Is that really the skeleton of a sexy otter after I did some digital mirror image magic on it? I am not even 100% sure it is an otter skeleton, let alone a sexy one. I keep forgetting to look … Continue reading

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Dear republicans, I understand the impulses that led you to vote for a businessman and Washington outsider…

But maybe next time, you could find one that isn’t a racist, sexist, defaulting, defrauding, morally and literally bankrupt, pathological liar with a fragile ego and delusions of grandeur? You know, one that isn’t such a dick.

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Bones… part 5… special ‘sea food’ edition…

Just a simple digital mirror image effect on some fish bones… You don’t know what you will end up with. Especially if you double up and do two mirror effects, one right after the other. One fish, two fish, dead … Continue reading

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tRump does not get to have private meetings with foreign heads of state while we are paying him to work for us…

If he was acting as our president, we should get to know what he was talking to Putin about. If he was in a meeting as a private citizen, he shouldn’t have flown there in a plane our tax dollars … Continue reading

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