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Dogs… what are you gonna do?

Just be glad I cropped that image. But that isn’t even our smart dog, and he has almost mastered the concepts of ‘blanket’ and ‘pillow’. Advertisements

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Snowy mountains and sunsets…

California. We have everything here. These are a few photos left over from Christmas in the Bay Area and my recent trip with my younger daughter to the snowy mountains. Okay, see you soon.

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Flowers and sunsets…

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And now, some random animal photos for you to look at, while I finish editing my newest novel and doing the cover art…

That might be the best photo of a lizard I ever took. I saw him outside at work. He let me stick the phone right up to his face. Totally not intimidated by my size… or the idea of becoming … Continue reading

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More California sunsets to look at if you are sick and tired of looking at the cover ideas for my newest novel…

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Some weird pictures I took of birds and flowers, for those of you who are bored to death by the posts about my new novel cover…

My orchids are blooming… again… I am still seeing how much better the camera is on my new phone than my old phone, so I take a lot of sunset, bird and flower pictures at work. I like flowers. Fuzzy … Continue reading

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Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 6…

Okay, I have picked out ten photos to choose between as the main background for the novel cover art. The advantage with these photos is that I took them myself, so I don’t need to worry about stealing an image. … Continue reading

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