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Donald tRump and the McDonaldsification of the American political system…

I finally figured out what the tRump presidency reminds me of. He runs the country like the food franchise we all know and… loath/love. Here are a few things they have in common: They do create jobs. Low-paying jobs that … Continue reading

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Making the big money… part 1…

Just playing with my digital microscope. I am almost done with the paper money, including ones from my travels. This post focuses… HA!… on an American two-dollar bill, and a British pound note. I am starting the post with the … Continue reading

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Show me the money!!! More micro-photography fun…

I figured, as long as I had my digital microscope out, I would do some more pictures of money. That looks like a blanket made out of popcorn kernels… but it isn’t. Melanoma moles??? No! These photos, not including the … Continue reading

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A closer look at stuff… part 2… Show me the money!!!

Still having fun playing with the digital microscope I got for Christmas. We already took a closer look at an American twenty dollar bill. Now, we are going South of the border… you know, before what’s his name builds his … Continue reading

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Up close and personal; fun with micro-photography… a closer look at an American 20-dollar bill… and don’t worry, this time I won’t try to make you play my game where you have to guess what the pictures are of… because when I did that earlier, nobody even tried to… sigh… part 2…

See, I even told you what these pictures were of right in the title! No stress, no pressure, no games, just look at the pretty pictures. I am having so much fun with the little digital microscope I got for … Continue reading

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Trump’s new product lines… part 1…

As Trump’s hotels continue to hemorrhage cash, and the only money he can rake in comes from siphoning off donations from other rich asshats and deluded poor people who think he can keep the scary dark people away, the Donald … Continue reading

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Reflecting upon mortality… part 3…

You can’t take it with you. That’s what they say, right? A lot of cultures have buried their dead with the wealth they accumulated during their lives. I don’t think that technically counts as taking it with you, but it … Continue reading

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