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A wildlife adventure from the jungles of San Diego… part 2…

Beneath the calm surface of the water lurks grim death with razor-sharp teeth. As my mom likes to say: Nature in the wild is seldom mild. That is true even here in San Diego. The waving palms are just camouflage … Continue reading

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A wildlife adventure from the jungles of San Diego… part 1…

Hello, this is your nature guide, Arthur, speaking to you from deepest, darkest San Diego California. Today, we will observe the splendor and terror that is nature in the wild. Hey kid, you might want to get out of the … Continue reading

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More ‘wet webs’… and yes, that might be a dog hair stuck to that web, over on the left…

I had fun taking some photos of those funnel-web spider webs on that misty morning when they were covered with little drops. And I said that when the big garden spiders showed up, I would do the same thing. But … Continue reading

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The rare ‘Eye of Sauron moon-eucalyptus tree’, and some other stuff…

You gotta admit, that is a pretty good picture I took with my cell phone, even if it doesn’t quite live up to my fancy title for this post. But art is art, and Art is Art, and I am … Continue reading

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The weird beauty found in the clash between nature and the man-made…

I work surrounded by mirror-fronted buildings… But, due to the climate… and the corporate climate… in San Diego, I am also surrounded by lushly landscaped glass-covered buildings. Now and then, a certain angle catches my eye. Distorted reflections are fun. … Continue reading

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What… another anniversary already?

Okay, obviously my wife does not look like that. She just has no interest in being in, on or near my blog. But she really is taller than me. So, me and the kids got her some stuff… you know… … Continue reading

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Snowy mountains and sunsets…

California. We have everything here. These are a few photos left over from Christmas in the Bay Area and my recent trip with my younger daughter to the snowy mountains. Okay, see you soon.

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