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Hello, new people… I don’t know how you ended up here despite my warnings on my about page but I am glad you are here, and I will try to keep you entertained, but there are a few rules to follow… for your own safety…

Please do not explore the depths of this blog unless you bring the following items; Rope, water, food, a machete, and a snake bite kit… (this is for the Dick Cheney posts, there are no snakes in here… the crack … Continue reading

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Every time I think I am done messing with Dick Cheney, it turns out I’m wrong…

It is just so hard to get over the fact that he took away our moral high ground by torturing prisoners… Americans don’t do that… that is what Nazis do… So thanks for dragging us down to their level, you … Continue reading

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DICK!!! (This post is now part of the ‘Funny Blog Friday’ circle of delicious silliness)…    … where it all began… VISIT MY FELLOW FUNNY BLOGGERS: Victoria of Angst Anarchy Alanna of White Girls Be Like… Jamie of Fits of Wit Jessie of Ben of Ben’s Bitter Blog Gina of Endearingly Wacko Eric of Opticynicism Jenn of Properly Ridiculous Alice of Alice At Wonderland … Continue reading

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I met another baby…

This is one of those good news/bad news things. The good news is that a friend of my wife’s since her early school days just had a baby with his wife… And this is a guy I have known more … Continue reading

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The Heirloom… part 5…

Okay, I know my writing partner on this project just posted his part like a few hours ago… But I had to write this that fast. Because I am getting so excited by this whole thing. I decided to have … Continue reading

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WordPress… just fix the problem with the comments and stop messing with stuff… I don’t have the time or energy to start another revolution right now…

But you know I will if I have to.

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The Heirloom… part 4…

The next installment in our ongoing story about a ring… and its journey through history. This part was written by my co-author, Sage Doyle, from over at;  You can read the entire story, or at least the four chapters … Continue reading

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