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Donald tRump and the McDonaldsification of the American political system…

I finally figured out what the tRump presidency reminds me of. He runs the country like the food franchise we all know and… loath/love. Here are a few things they have in common: They do create jobs. Low-paying jobs that … Continue reading

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For a guy who promised to bring in ‘all the best people’, tRump sure surrounded himself with a lot of criminals…

Maybe that is what he meant to say. ‘All the best and smartest criminals’. Also, can I just say: Best witch hunt ever!

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Does tRump know anybody who isn’t shady, immoral, or an out and out criminal???

I have been trying to wrap my head around the latest developments in the many investigations involving tRump and the people who surround him like sad little moons pulled into the orbit of a gaseous giant pseudo-star. I think, in … Continue reading

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We saw a naked guy getting arrested… while I was driving my teenage daughter to school…

I love the TV show ‘Cops’. They have special episodes where they just show crazy naked guys getting arrested. Now, you have to figure that if they have caught naked crazy guys being arrested on film that many times just … Continue reading

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