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Fun with numbers… What are the odds?

If you haven’t read my entire blog… (and you know you haven’t…sigh)…, there are a couple facts that you should be aware of. First, I am a mathematical¬†ignoramus. I am all art side of the brain. I don’t even have … Continue reading

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Express Yourself…

Here is another comic from my early days as an artist. It is…(vaguely)… interesting for a few reasons… My spelling was still atrocious, but my art skills were slowly improving, just from the time I spent doing it. It’s funny … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, baby…

If you love me, go down. Come on, don’t be shy. That’s it. That feels good. Scroll down a little more. Read all my words. There are no secrets between us. We can share all our deepest thoughts. Read it. … Continue reading

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We all have a little barbarian inside of us…

(Yes, that is indeed my face in there, even if it’s too small to tell). I mentioned, in an early post, that I have a slight fascination with Conan the barbarian. Give me a chance to explain why this is … Continue reading

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Things I learned today…

Blogging and dating are¬†essentially the same thing. There, I said it. Maybe it is clear to me because I am so new at this. Or maybe I am just plain wrong. I hope I am. There you are, a young, … Continue reading

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What A Way To Go…

I have spotted the weakness in my plan to take over the universe by having the most popular blog ever… OK, that isn’t my real plan. I really just want to show the world what a freak I am, being … Continue reading

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More Ancient History…

I found yet another old project in the vaults… so to speak. Way back in the 70s, I started my first novel. It was a post-apocalyptic adventure that took place in a world decimated by an asteroid strike. The catch … Continue reading

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I before we, except after me…

That is my motto. This is the self-centered mind-set of an artist. Ladies, you should all date an artist at least once… (particularly a guitar player… just saying)… but for heaven’s sake, don’t ever marry one! The truth is, even … Continue reading

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I admit it, I was once a stripper…

It may not be as exciting as it sounds… I worked at a magazine distributer, and printers buy back the unsold magazines in bulk. Instead of shipping tons of magazines back, some poor jerk, in this case, me, has to … Continue reading

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I was feeling pretty good about myself…

But that never lasts forever… So far, I have had 199 hits on this little experimental blog of mine. In my ignorance, I was thrilled by that number. Almost 200 people at least took a quick glance at my words … Continue reading

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