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Mirror mirror off the wall… part 18… welcome to the jungle…

All of that from this…

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An audio of a commercial from my podcast…

Just an audio taste of what my podcast has to offer…

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I know, but have you checked out my podcast yet?

Seriously, it is hilarious. I have 10 episodes now. They aren’t too long, about 15 minutes or so. Available… for free… on Apple Music and Spotify. Because you know you want to hear a talking crack squirrel.

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The Podcast… part 2… (you don’t have to worry about this one if you aren’t listening to my new podcast… it isn’t even in order, just stuff from three or four posts I did about meeting Eric Idle)!!!

Our seats were one row back from the stage. I could see John Cleese’s nose hairs! I could almost touch the stage with my foot. Oh yeah, there is my blue wristband. That is going to come up later, so … Continue reading

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Times Square and then some…

I know it doesn’t look like Times Square in New York City… or, then again… it actually looks a lot like I remember it, but I was drunk, remember? It might be the digital effects I used on the photo … Continue reading

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I have a podcast… live on Spotify!!!

I did it, with a little tech support and a Christmas microphone from my kids. Now you can hear me acting like an idiot instead of just reading about it.

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New York: now with extra ‘digital magic’ included for no extra price…

‘Oh, what are you up to now, Arthur?’ I hear you all asking yourselves. Okay, if the title didn’t make it clear enough, these are all of a photo I took when I was visiting my daughter in New York … Continue reading

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Wait, how many books have I self-published now, exactly?

Well, I am not good at math, but that looks like 8 to me. A four-part action/humor science fiction series, two self-illustrated books for kids, a murder mystery set in London during World War Two, and my newest novel, a … Continue reading

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But, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, this still ain’t no travel blog… part 1…

No, this is where you go to see mirror-image-moon-eyed-tree-rainbow-monsters!

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Make mine a Manhattan, on the rocks, and make it extra wiggly… which, I suppose, would be shaken, and not stirred… the final chapter…

Don’t get too excited. When I say ‘final chapter’, I mean just of the wiggly pictures I took on the first night of our 3-and-a-half-day adventure in New York, standing by the East River and overlooking Manhattan across the river. … Continue reading

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