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Okay, this is the last bit of digital magic I am doing on this picture from my children’s book: The Lonely Little Wizard…

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Desert vistas… part 3… (or): Well, I been through the desert in a car with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain… except it rained on me…

Did you get the song reference in the title? Good. It is an old song, and I never really liked it… but, still… And yes, the same storm that snowed in the pass on my usual route from Arizona back … Continue reading

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Desert vistas… part 2… and some important stuff I learned about necromancers and wolves…

As I continue to post the photos I took on my recent drive back to San Diego from Arizona, in which you will see mountains, bluffs, crags, scarps, cliffs, escarpments and precipices of all sorts, let me share some things … Continue reading

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Desert vistas… part 1…

I am back in San Diego after visiting my daughter in Scottsdale, Arizona. I took a lot of pictures on the way home. Yes, I take pictures while I am driving. But I am a professional, trained driver, and I … Continue reading

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The fourth book in my action/humor science fiction novel series is done!!!

I have sent it to the publishers, along with the cover art. I have ordered a copy to proofread. Self-publishing rocks. My daughter, whom I am visiting in Arizona, you might recall, decided that just formatting and sending all my … Continue reading

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A bird… eating a bird…

Still in Arizona, visiting my daughter, and I spotted this Peregrine falcon from her balcony. It is like my mom always says. Nature in the wild is seldom mild. It is a bird eat bird world out there.  

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Animating an illustration from one of my children’s books… part 3…

Seriously,  does the groovy rainbow animation filter ever get old?

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