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A bird, a cloud, a gift, and a snack…

Hey, Mr. Blue Heron, do you mind if I take your picture? I will take that as a yes. That cloud has a dragon back. I did ask for a telescope for Christmas. I may have gotten in over my … Continue reading

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Clearing off random photos from my phone, which will lead to… uh… other random stuff…

A perfect little rose in my garden. My kitchen orchids are blooming again. Sprouting potatoes. More on that later. So, unless that is the weirdest natural cloud formation ever, it looks like a jet plane did a complete circle in … Continue reading

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Clearing off the phone photos…

Just sharing some recent photos. You know, like I do. I have some flowers. Just things I spotted when I was out doing stuff. I found a cool leaf. And there was one day where the clouds sort of looked … Continue reading

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Dogs, clouds and a very Christmasy poop!!!

Wave clouds. Dogs waiting to bark at the mailman. Okay, I am really just clearing the photos from this week off my phone. She has her blanky, a pillow, and the remote control for the tv… life is good. I … Continue reading

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Just another evening at work in Southern California…

Just another San Diego sunset. Just pink fluffy clouds and palm trees. Just the sky gettin’ all weird. Just Mother Nature showing off. Just colors and light. I mean, the smoke in the air from all the fires helps. But … Continue reading

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Clouds… because everybody loves clouds, right?

Clouds reflected in glass. Some of these I took with my camera, and some with the camera on my phone… in my phone? I guess if you can’t tell which is which… It doesn’t really matter. I took all of … Continue reading

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New York City… day 2… part 7… Central Park and some random city pictures…

Central Park was right behind the Museum of Art, and it had stopped raining, so my son-in-law and I took a little walk. I haven’t been in Central Park… or New York… since I was a kid, other than a … Continue reading

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Nature is seldom symmetrical… (or); more fun with mirror-images… part 1…

Nature just doesn’t seem to like perfect symmetry, and I can’t say I blame it. You will never ever ever see a symmetrical cloud formation. Let’s take trees for example… A symmetrical tree could never happen. And, if it did, … Continue reading

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More random photos from work…

Clouds in shiny glass. Nature and not nature juxtaposed. Artsy! Identical buildings, one reflected in the other. I like my pictures of sunsets and birds and flowers and clouds, but I sometimes let the artist in me run wild, see … Continue reading

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What… another anniversary already?

Okay, obviously my wife does not look like that. She just has no interest in being in, on or near my blog. But she really is taller than me. So, me and the kids got her some stuff… you know… … Continue reading

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