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A weird, foggy sunrise in San Diego…

I took my youngest daughter, Mollie, to the train station on the coast this morning, so she could get back to college. She took these pictures with her cell phone as we drove on the freeway. The sun was just … Continue reading

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Huge, swollen flamey balls… part 1…

Oh, don’t get too excited. I’m talking about huge, swollen flamey balls of sunsety goodness. But I can’t just keep naming every sunset post I do something about sunsets. It gets boring. So last night, as I do whenever I … Continue reading

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Hey, Mike Pence, your god has a message for you, for selling your soul to the devil…

Orange is the new black-hearted soul.

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Okay, is that high fog or low clouds???

Well, I am back visiting my mom in the Bay Area again, and I did my ‘getting up insanely early to miss the Los Angeles and Bay Area traffic thing’ again. I just have a few pictures I took, as … Continue reading

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We had a very nice sunrise here yesterday…

Sometimes it pays to get up early. You never know what you might see. And what you might have slept through.

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Even more flowers…

Just to remind you that there are places on this earth where it never snows… Where flowers bloom all through the year… And birds are singing in the trees… which are also full of flowers… And the world is a … Continue reading

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Stripey sky!!!

We had stripes… straight lines… in the sky here in San Diego the other day. And not just in one part of the sky, either. They were scattered around. And there were light stripes in front of darker clouds, and … Continue reading

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